Podcast 037 – Today's game made possible in part by Small World with cooperation by Cosmic Encounter

This week was a game against Khador and Skorne. I only took a bunch of pictures and I wasn’t recording the play-by-play. Marc told me to and I didn’t. *shrugging* I don’t know what you want me to say. You come into my house, ask me politely to record the game for the podcast, I agree then refrain from doing it because the game starts going badly and I’m to blame? No. Not on my watch. This is entirely Marc’s fault. He clearly said beforehand “we’ll play the games and whichever one is better, we’ll use.” This was witnessed by three other people and two cats. I had the veteran experience to see that my game was going badly and therefore gave up, allowing Marc to move ahead into the winners circle of games-being-played-that-night-to-use-on-the-next-podcast.

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But oh, what’s this? Marc also wasn’t taking pictures or recording the play-by-play of his game? The very creature that produced the sentence in its head which travelled across vocal chords and out its mouth so that others might hear it is not even beholden to that same rule? How the mighty have fallen.

So instead we’ll have a very short report on a Journeyman League game which we started last Saturday.

It started off with a game against Khador and Menoth. I went with the alternate battle box with consists of:

– Kodiak
– Decimator



Marc decided to go with the original Menoth battle box:

– Crusader
– Revenger
– Repenter



Deployment (3)

After a short argument between Marc and Nick over whether the scenario was Mangled Metal/Destruction or just Destruction, we commenced. In an unlucky turn of events I won the dice roll and chose to go first.

Khador Turn 1
– everything runs

Menoth Turn 1
– almost everything runs
– Kreoss puts Lamentation on himself and charges forward.

Turn 1


Khador Turn 2
– Decimator gets 2 focus
– Kodiak runs
– Decimator advances, fires twice at the Repenter, both hit for medium damage but no crippling
– Butcher advances, casts Iron Flesh on Decimator

Menoth Turn 2
– Crusader gets 1 Focus, Repenter gets 2
– Repenter moves forward, sprays Decimator, but fails to get anyone else under the template. Hits Decimator, boosts damage, does almost nothing (dice-8). But does light it on fire! Oooh, scary.
– Revenger moves up past the zone to threaten flanking.
– Kreoss moves up a little, and puts Defender’s Ward on the Crusader.

Turn 2


Khador Turn 3
– fire on Decimator doesn’t go out, no damage
– Iron Flesh gets dropped, Decimator gets 2 focus, Kodiak gets 2 focus
– Kodiak charges Repenter and wrecks it
– Decimator charges Revenger doing medium damage, but then he pushes me out of melee range with his stupid shield move thingy
– Butcher advances and cast Iron Flesh on himself

Menoth Turn 3
– Crusader gets 3 focus
– Kreoss advances, feats knocking everything down
– Crusader charges Kodiak, does major damage but doesn’t wreck it. Cripples both arms, though.
– Revenger moves around to the other side of Decimator keeping in reach range and attacks it for light damage


Turn 3


Khador Turn 4
– fire on Decimator doesn’t go out, no damage
– Decimator gets 3 focus spending one to stand up
– Butcher forfeits movement to stand, feats
– Kodiak forfeits movement to stand, attacks Crusader, both attacks miss
– Decimator advances, boosts shot and damage on Kroess hits and leaves him with 2 hit boxes

Menoth Turn 4
– Crusader gets 2 focus
– Crusder attacks and wrecks Kodiak
– Revenger advances keeping Decimator in melee range, but in such a position that if it moves towards Kreoss it will take a free Strike. Hits it once with its halberd for minimal damage
– Kreoss charges Decimator, does light damage, but importantly fails to cripple either the Cortex or saw

Turn 4


Khador Turn 5
– fire on Decimator doesn’t go out, no damage
– Decimator gets two focus
– Butcher charges Revenger, takes all his focus to wreck it (some bad rolls)
– Decimator advances toward Kreoss, boosts to hit and kills him. At dice +3 even snake-eyes would have ended him.

Khador Turn 5 (2)


The idea was for all of us to play our first Journeyman games on this table set up to keep things as even as possible. Once those games are out of the way, a new set up will be made for the next series and so on. I’m looking forward to more of this play because of the progressive campaign and upgrading feeling of starting small and working up to more units. I brought up the possibility that our next season of play would be a Journeyman season which could be very interesting. There are inherent downsides for this as not all the faction battle box’s work well on their own and some people may start regretting their choice. I think there is something relaxing to being limited by your points instead of the often daunting task of picking units from the buffet of armies that we all own for higher point lists. You start to pine for certain units that the next point allowance will provide and we’ll start seeing/using units that we may have otherwise overlooked. Though if I ever start pining for Kossite Woodsmen, please shoot me in the head.

5 thoughts on “Podcast 037 – Today's game made possible in part by Small World with cooperation by Cosmic Encounter

  1. Nice report!

    But actually, if Charlizard was a Warbeast… how’d you like a Warbeast with five initials (Horns, 2xClaws, Wings, Tail (w/ Crit:Fire)), a Sp10 breath attack, Flight, Fury 3 and a Threshold of 4? 😀

    • Ha! I know the podcast you meant to comment on… the Bull Snapper always looked to me like it was shaking its booty more than it looks like a Pokemon, but I can definitely see it!

  2. Well, that totally went below the wrong report.

    But, on the Mangled Metal question: Check the Steamroller Document. Just like Killbox once was a whole scenario and is now an artifice, Mangled Metal now exists as a variant win condition.

      • Journeyman =/= Steamroller

        The journeyman packet refers to scenarios from prime such as Killing Field and No Man’s land and yes, Mangled Metal.

        Thankfully Steamroller exists so that we have a source of amazing and well-balanced scenarios and mangled metal can be relegated to a rarely-used variant as it should be.

        However, in the context of a the latest Journeyman League document (from 2013) Mangled Metal is the Scenario for the Battlebox level games. And Yes its terrible and yes you should replace with Steamroller scenarios instead.

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