Podcast 044 – Menoth vs Skorne, pSeverius vs pMorghoul: My Own Little Maginot Line

This week saw my noble forces of the Protectorate once again grappling with Kassem’s Skorne. Could my ranks of spear-and-halberd weild extremists hold back the crush of muscle, sinew, and steel arrayed against my fragile warcaster?
My heart says no… but my Judicator? She says we’re gonna make a go of it!

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With the Game Summit Masters tournament coming up on Saturday, I wanted to get some practice in with the 3rd list I was thinking about bringing. This resulted in me being committed to pSevy even after I learned that I was facing a Hordes opponent… pSevy is, shall we say, less capable of handling Hordes than I would like. It basically removes 90% of his Feat’s utility, and keeping him safe from Legion, Trolls, or Skorne… well, it’s trickier. But hey, I need the practice!

Grand Scrutator Severius (“pSevy, Sevy1”)
– Hieorphant
– Judicator
– Blessing of Vengeance
Choir of Menoth (min)
Exemplar Bastions (max)
Exemplar Bastion Seneschal
Temple Flameguard (max)
– Officer and Standard
Nicia, Tear of Vengeance
Vassal of Menoth
Sunburst Deliverer Crew

A pretty basic list, but I was hoping that my mobile Maginot Line of the Bastions with Blessing of Vengeance would be capable of keeping Severius safe. I mean, just like the REAL Maginot Line protected France!

Also, I really like light artillery, and Nick has been mocking my lack of them. I think many of them (not ALL, but many) are really solid, and the Sunburst is in that list (not as good as the Lightning Tower, Mortar Team, or Catapult, but damn good on its own). And with Sevy? Yeah, POW17 direct hits and POW9 blasts are a thing.

Kassem, on his side of the field, was bringing Mordikaar and the following pMorghoul list:

Master Tormentor Morghoul (“pMorghoul”)
– Molik Karn
– Titan Gladiator
– Archidon
Paingiver Beast Handlers (min)
Nihilators (max)
Tyrant Commander (“Tycom”) and Standard
Ferox (max)
Tryant Rhadiem (proxied by a Destor Thane)

So, the much maligned Ferox with their Dragoon leader… an interesting unit, certainly, but the addition of “Jump” just doesn’t make that much sense (either you can’t Jump because you charged, or you can’t charge because you need to Jump!). Still, I’ve underestimated Skorne to my deteriment before, and I was committed to not do so again.

The Scenario was Incursion (3 flags down the middle, 1 of the outside flags disappears after the 2nd player’s first turn. 1CP to control either flag or dominate the middle flag, and 2CP to dominate whichever outside flag remains). Thankfully, no Killbox!

We rolled initiative, which I won, and elected to go first (no surprise). Kassem took the side of the table with a bit more cover/concealment, and we set up.


For once, I was a little more intelligent than usual with my Judicator: Instead of deploying it right on the 7″ mark, I pulled it back just far enough that I could squeeze a line of Temple Flameguard in front of it… this would let my Infantry more easily get into position on Turn 1, rather than trying to run catch-up afterwards!

Sevy and his Bastions went in the middle of the table, with the support behind him and Blessing of Vengeance to his right. Nicia was Advanced Deployed in ruins to the far right flank, basically responsible for holding or controlling that flag if the left flag disappeared. By herself. Because what’re the odds of THAT flag disappearing? Exactly.


For Kassem’s part, he deployed his warbeasts in the middle of the table, with the Nihilators on the right and the Archidon on the left. Morghoul went near a friendly wall, figuring that he’d be safer behind it (because my RAT3 Judicator was counting on DIRECTLY hitting Morghoul, obviously…). Willbreaker went near the Archidon, and Ferox and Dragoon went on the left flank.
With that, we were ready to rock and/or roll!


Menoth, Turn 1

Everything runs.
Okay, okay… a bit more elaborate. Sevy gives 1 Focus to Blessing, the Judicator generates its own.
The TFG run forward and spread out a little.
The Choir sings “Battle”, because Morghoul has no debuff spells and Kassem has no guns.
The Judicator runs up behind the TFG.
The Vassal moves forward and gives an Ancillary Attack to the Judicator, scatters back onto my TFG, kills one (of course).
Blessing runs forward.
Hierophant Harmoniously Exalts.
Sevy walks forward. Puts “Defender’s Ward” on Temple Flameguard, “Vision” on Judicator, “Eye of Menoth” on himself.
Sunburst crew run forward.
Nicia runs forward, curls to the far left near the flag.
Bastions and Seneschal run forward near Sevy.
IMG_20140924_183129 IMG_20140924_183133

Skorne, Turn 1

Nihilators run forward and spread out.
TyCom gives “March” to Ferox, charges forward.
Ferox run behind fences and walls, with the Dragoon.
Molik Karn and Gladiator run forward.
Morghoul puts Admonition on Molik Karn, charges up behind a wall.
Beast Handlers and Willbreaker run forward.
Left flag disappears. Of course.

IMG_20140924_183238 IMG_20140924_183253 IMG_20140924_183250

Menoth, Turn 2

Time to hurt some stuff.
Sevy upkeeps all 3 spells, gives 2 to Judicator, camps last 3.
Choir activate, sing Battle.
Blessing walks towards closest Nihilator.
Nicia charges closest Nihilator: Hits, he Toughs. Hits again, he Toughs again. She’s stuck (no dead Nihilators, no Sprint).
Sevy activates, arcs “Ashes to Ashes” through Blessing, rolls 6 additional targets, but only 5 Nihilators are in range. Vapourize 3, 2 Tough.
Temple Flameguard activate, walk forward into Shield Wall, pop their mini-Feat.
Judicator walks forward. Opens fire with the rockets: between all 6 scatter shots, I ping Morghoul for 10 damage (transfered to the Gladiator), do light damage to both Molik and the Archidon, and kill the Willbreaker, 1 Ferox, and a Beast Handler.
Bastions run to be between Kassem’s army and Sevy.
Sunburst opens fire on the closest Nihilitator: hits him and obliterates him, but nobody else is in the 4″ AoE.

IMG_20140924_184424 IMG_20140924_184436 IMG_20140924_184428

Skorne, Turn 2

Not as good as I had hoped… but oh well.
Morghoul drops Admonition. Pulls in Fury back to max.
TyCom gives Ferox +2 Movement again and moves further forward.
Ferox walk and then Leap at my TFG, getting behind the Shields. Thankfully, Defender’s Ward rears its beautiful head and I only lose 3 TFG to his pack of riding cats.
The Nihilators activate. The one engaging Nicia gives up his Move to stand, the other 2 that Tough’d give up their Actions, and they shuffle forward. The one engaging Nicia swings and misses by a mile.
Molik and the Gladiator shuffle forward.
Archidon moves a little, and Kassem ends his turn, forgetting about his Ferox dragoon.

Menoth, Turn 3

Not too bad… not too bad… I’d like to drop a few more rockets on Morghoul, though.
Upkeep all 3 spells, 2 Focus to Judicator, camp the other 3.
Hierophant exalts, Choir sings Battle.
Sevy goes next. Arcs another “Ashes” through Blessing onto the closest Nihilator, hoping for enough additional targets to wipe out some of Kassem’s support. Sadly, only get 2 additional targets, hitting another Nihilator and the Standard. Kills both Nihilators, wounds the Standard.
Blessing activates and walks back, near the Bastions.
Bastions activate and shuffle a little, keeping between Sevy and the Skorne. The swing at the Ferox, killing 2 of them.
The TFG activate and get Shield Wall again. They fail to kill any Ferox, but do a few points of damage and light the 2 remaining on Fire. So, that’s something.
Nicia swings and kills the Nihilator she’s engaged with. She takes a Quick Work shot at another, misses. She then Sprints back into B2B with the flag.
Sunburst tells a story that goes “Once upon a time, there was a Nihilator. Then I said ‘thunk’, and the Nihilator was a rapidly expanding cloud of vapour. The End.”
Judicator shuffles forward. First shot goes at Molik Karn, out of range, scatters onto TyCom, Molik, Gladiator, does a few points to each. Second shot goes at Rhadiem, misses, scatters right onto Morghoul and does 7 points of damage. Flamethrower attack on Ferox hits, but only does 2 damage (boo!).
Vassal gives Ancillary Attack, fires Rocket at TyCom, scatters straight back onto my TFG, and then scatters again onto my Bastions. Does 2 points of damage to a Bastion.
I score 1CP from Nicia controlling the flag.

Skorne, Turn 3

1 Ferox burns, the other survives (for now…).
Kassem pulls in all his Fury.
Nihilators run at Nicia to contest.
TyCom gives +2SPD to Morghoul, charges TFG, misses. Standard also misses.
Rhadiem moves forward, kills 1 TFG.
Remaining Ferox attempts to kill a TFG, misses.
Beast Handlers activate, “Medicate” Molik Karn and Gladiator, “Enrage” Archidon.
Archidon gives himself “Sprint” and then charges TFG: Misses initial attack. Buys attack: misses. Buys attack: Misses.
Gladiator gives Animus (“Rush”?) to Molik Karn and then pushes him forward.
Karn charges forward for free at Blessing: my Defensive Strike misses, and Molik’s initial attack hits and does 16 points of damage (more than half of the warjack’s hitboxes!). Sidesteps towards my Bastions. Buys an attack on Blessing, inflicts more damage..
Morghoul walks forward, pops Feat. Kills 2 TFG. Sprints towards Sevy, can’t get past Bastions.
Molik “Fate Walkers” towards Sevy, just managing to engage him. Barely, but significantly!


Menoth, Turn 4

Gotta keep Sevy alive for a turn… then my Judicator can pulp Morghoul… unless I can get ’em on scatters… unlikely, though.
Can’t upkeep spells due to Feat (screw you, Morghoul), so Sevy camps his full stack.
Choir sings Battle, Hierophant exalts.
Blessing goes next, walking behind Morghoul. Kassem cranks the free strike and scraps my warjack. Boo!
Bastion Seneschal steps behind Morghoul, engaging Molik at the same time. Takes a swing at Morghoul, hits! Inflicts a few points of damage (really awful damage roll at Dice-1).
Bastions activate and walk to be between Molik and Sevy. Take 2 attacks on Molik, inflict light damage, and 2 swings at Morghoul, missing. 1 swings at the Dragoon, hits for light damage.
TFG charge forward. 4 get on the Archidon, others get on Dragoon: dragoon attack hits but flubs damage (boo!), Archidon takes light damage from charges. Fires for everyone.
Nicia kills the nearby Nihilator, Quick Work shot misses.
Sunburst opens with a joke: “Knock, knock. Who’s there? Not any Nihilators any more!” Riotous laughter.
Sevy uses the Bastion to hide himself from LoS from Molik to walk away without a free strike. He camps his full stack and hopes it’s enough. He retroactively pops his Feat because I’ve never used it before and hey, why not.
The Judicator stands still to get the aiming bonus and pops a Flamethrower at Morghoul. It manages to hit my Bastion and Morghoul, and does enough damage to leave the fragile warlock on 1 box! So close! But on fire!
I score 1 more CP for Nicia.


Skorne, Turn 4

Kassem’s choices are simple here: Kill Severius, or die trying.
Luckily for Kassem, the fire goes out and doesn’t end his hopes prematurely. However, on the flip side, the Archidon and Gladiator both Frenzy and smack the models closest to them.
Morghoul is able to fill up his Fury from Molik Karn himself.
Morghoul activates, walking over to the Choir members stubbornly blocking Molik’s path. He packmans through several, clearing the path, but decides he’s better off camping a bunch of Fury in case he can’t close out the deal (and because he can’t get close enough to Sevy, thankfully!).
Molik activates and walks around the Bastion to engage Severius again. He’s “only” a POW13 Weaponmaster… he starts wailing away at my old warcaster. When the fury is all spent… Sevy yet stands! With 9 boxes, no less!
But Kassem has one last trick to play… Rhadiem leaps up to engage Severius! He takes his attack!
“Okay, so a POW14 against half your ARM…”
“No Kassem… that’s not the way it works. Armour Piercing only gives a +2 to POW against small models… not +2 to POW *and* half the model’s armour.”
“Oh. Well. That sucks.”
Suffice it to say that Rhadiem was incapable of rolling the needed 17 on 2d6 required to kill Sevy.


Menoth, Turn 5

Not much to say here… I give the Judicator a full stack, and we move towards closing this out.
Severius goes after the Hierophant (who Harmoniously Exalts Sevy). He moves up to Molik Karn and casts “Eye of Menoth”. He then casts “Ashes to Ashes” on Molik, hiting, and getting 3 leaps (although there are only 2 targets). I roll the damage on Morghoul first (POW11 on ARM13), and manage to not roll double-ones, and win the game.

Victory to Menoth!

IMG_20140924_201557 IMG_20140924_201604 IMG_20140924_201624

Post Game Analysis:

Solid game, a lot of fun. And it was nice to see Sevy doing okay against Hordes (in all honesty, the 3 or 4 times I’ve used him have mostly been against Hordes warlocks for some reason!). He’s simple and a lot of fun, but really hard to keep safe enough!

As for Kassem, he played a really aggressive game, and it almost paid off for him. He mentioned that he could’ve played a more yo-yo style game, moving his models up to kill a few things and then Sprinting back, but the flip side is that the Judicator would be happily pounding his stuff (and drifting POW10 blast damage onto Morghoul) that whole time. I think playing aggressively was the right call (and I was lucky I managed to clip his Willbreaker so early!).

Thanks for reading, and comments, questions, suggestions, and mockery are always welcome!

2 thoughts on “Podcast 044 – Menoth vs Skorne, pSeverius vs pMorghoul: My Own Little Maginot Line

  1. Nice game!

    I’ve never seen the pMorghoul feat bomb work out. I don’t think pSevy is bad against Hordes. His Feat suffers, but his spell list is still amazing. His main problem is his stats, but I guess camping 8 Focus helps him out a little there.

    • Glad you enjoyed it! I’ve seen the pMorghoul Feat Bomb work a few times… I’ve seen it fail just as often, granted. But it’s unquestionably scary… Menoth can deal with it a heck of a lot better than most, though (Choir can still give our ‘jacks that all-important +2 to hit, and while they can’t spend Focus, they’re still pretty natively accurate and they only need to hit ONCE to wreck Morghoul’s day!). I shudder to think how I would deal with it in Cygnar, though!

      My main issue with pSevy against Circle and Skorne is that I can’t seem to find a way to keep him safe *enough*. He’s just so fragile… in general, most WarMachine casters don’t have the movement nonsense that Hordes warlocks do, and it’s easier to protect him as a result.

      But he does have a great spell list!

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