Podcast 055 – What? How is 'podcast' underlined in red?

Seriously. Facebook is so entrenched in our vernacular that the program recognizes it as a word yet typing podcast deeply confuses it. This is why I have no fear of the Matrix ever happening. If a simple blog – blog also isn’t recognized, by the way – gets perplexed by words that have been around for years then there is no conceivable way towers of human batteries are in our future.

It just occurred to me now that every time a person got pregnant, the robots would have to build a new pod for that person to go into or at least have a vacant one for the new person to occupy. Because birthrates outweigh death rates, the robots would have to keep building new ones. I’m sure that would get really aggravating for the robot management. They’d be like, “Man, these humans would be a lot less of a strain on our raw materials and construction if they could just stop fucking.”

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  • Butcher Unleashed
  • Argus x2
  • Juggernaut
  • War Dog
  • Iron Fang Pikemen (max) w Officer and Stand.
  • Iron Fang Kovnik
  • Man O’ War Shocktroopers (max)
  • Man O’ War Drakhun w Dismount
  • Kovnik Andrei Malakov
  • Beast 09
  • Battle Mechanics (max)
  • Kayazy Eliminators


  • eMorvana
  • Getorax
  • Stalker
  • Gorax
  • Gallows Grove x2
  • Bloodtrackers (max)
  • Death Wolves
  • Lord of the Feast
  • Skin Walkers w Alpha


Khador Turn 1

  • 1 focus to Juggernaut
  • Kayazy Eliminators run
  • Beast 09 runs
  • Malakov advances, casts Red Line on Beast
  • Mechanics advance
  • Iron Fang Kovnik advances
  • Iron Fang Pikemen charge (to gain Patherfinder)
  • Man o War run
  • Juggernaut runs for (because he has the focus)
  • Darkhun runs
  • Argi advance, Butcher advances and casts Energizer for 3
  • War Dog advance


Circle Turn 1

  • Bloodtrackers Prey the Eliminators
  • Tree advances
  • Bloodtrackers advance, shoot at the Eliminators but auto miss
  • Getorax uses Hyperaggressive, runs and riles
  • Morvana advances, casts Fog o War, Carnivore on Death Wolves
  • Death Wolves run
  • Other Tree advances
  • Skin Walkers advance
  • Lord of the Feast advances
  • Stalker uses Prowl, runs and riles
  • Gorax runs and riles


Khador Turn 2

  • Upkeep Red Line
  • Eliminators run and engage Bloodtrackers and a Tree
  • IFP charge and mini-feat
  • Beast advances, takes 3 damage (Red Line)
  • Mechanics advance, 2 into B2B with Beast, repair 3 damage
  • IFK advances, gives Shield March to Man o War
  • Man o War advance and Shield Wall
  • Juggernaut advances
  • Argi and Butcher advance (out of Kill Box)
  • War Dog advances
  • Drakhun runs through shallow water


Circle Turn 2

  • Drops Fog o War, upkeeps Carnivore
  • Death Wolves advance attack an Eliminator. Attack misses but rerolls with Morvana (3 damage), hits and kills, Morvana heals some damage for some reason
  • Bloodtrackers advance attacks Eliminator, misses, reroll (1 damage), attack IFP’s and kill 7 (3 damage for a reroll) IFP fail their command check twice
  • LotF shoots IFP standard and misses, rerolls (3 damage),hits and teleports behind them. Melee attack does 5 damage to argus, 4 damage to IFP officer
  • Skin Walkers charge Man o War, counter charge from Drakhun kills 1 of them, Skin Walkers do medium damage to Man o War
  • Tree advances
  • Morvana advances, casts Sunder Spirit at Malakov, hits but uses Sucker! On a mechanic (ILLEGAL MOVE), casts it again, hits and kills
  • Getorx uses Hyperaggressive, runs and riles
  • Gorax runs and riles
  • Stalker runs and riles
  • Tree advances


Khador Turn 3

  • Man o War Shield Wall, kill 1 Skin Walker and light damage to the others
  • Drakhun charges objective doing 11 damage
  • Argi and Butcher advance, Argus attack LotF, misses
  • IFK attacks LotF hits and does 2 damage
  • Mechanics runs to engage Death Wolves and Bloodtrackers


Circle Turn 3

  • Upkeeps Carnivore
  • LotF kills 1 Argus, IFK, 3 IFP and damages a Man o War
  • Death Wolves charge Mechanics, kill 4
  • Bloodtrackers advances, kill the rest of the Mechanics and 2 Man o War (forgot that they were Shield Wall’d so less damage should have been done)
  • Morvana casts Sunder Spirit on Darkhun doing 5 damage
  • Skin Walkers dismount the Darkhun and kill 1 Man o War
  • Tree advances
  • Getorax uses Hyperaggressive
  • Gorax runs and riles
  • Stalker primals for strength


Khador Turn 4

  • Drakhun attacks a Skin Walker doing light damage
  • Man o War attack Skin Walker, kill 1
  • Juggernaut advances
  • Butcher advances, Energizers for 3, casts Impending Doom pulling in the Getorax, Stalker, 1 Death Wolf and some Bloodtrackers, initial attack on Getorax does med damage, casts Flashing Blade, kills 2 Bloodtrackers, 1 Death Wolf and light damage to Getorax and Stalker, feats casts Flashing Blade a bunch and kills Getorax and the Stalker


Circle Turn 4

  • Skin Walkers kill Drakhun, 1 Man o War
  • Bloodtrackers advance, 2 die to free strikes
  • Gorax charges Butcher, War Dog counter charges and does light damage, Gorax kills Butcher eventually

Post Game Analysis

(Marc: Aaron was obviously a little frustrated by this game, but I think we’ve all had those days where we just make a series of rookie mistakes. Aaron is unquestionably a better player than this, but again, we all have those days.

I continue to love the Man o’ Wars, but at the same time admit that there’s probably better things to put into a list with the Butcher. The Iron Fang Kovnik speeds the up to the point where they are no longer a liability… but using “Shield March” on a full unit of Iron Fang Pikemen is better is just about every way (more attacks, more damage, more bodies to get through). There will be occasions that MoWs are superior (against, for example, “Caustic Mists”), but 7 out of 10 times, the IFP should be a go-to unit.

Anyway, a solid game by both sides, and hopefully educational for both Khador and Circle players out there! Thanks for reading, and comments, questions, or suggestions are always welcome!)


4 thoughts on “Podcast 055 – What? How is 'podcast' underlined in red?

  1. Great report! I always like it when Aaron does the writeup.

    I used to play pretty regularly against a 3 Butcher player, and he went for scenario hard every game. His philosophy was basically pick a zone/flag/whatever, and dominate while camping 5-6 Focus. Then it’s up to the opponent to contest while the Khador army does its thing. And whatever they send into the zone dies (usually). It was pretty infuriating to fight against.

    If you do decide to play the Butcher that way, it probably is best to drop the MoW Shocktroopers. They’ll get to objectives after the Butcher instead of before, so they can’t screen him without slowing him down.

    Those are my thoughts anyway.

    • I also really enjoy Aaron’s writeups. The man is nothing if not talented!

      That’s a neat concept… I never would’ve thought of the Butcher as a strong scenario warcaster, but I can see the appeal! That would be tough to deal with.

      Thanks for the feedback! I’ll make sure Aaron is aware!

  2. FYI Aaron, your Battle Mechanics DO have Jack Marshall. Food for thought for future games when you lose Malakov (I tend to keep them near Malakov’s jack). I also agree with what was stated before, that a Juggernaut is a much better companion for Malakov than Beast09 (which I usually attach to Butchers battle group, as the Heavy Boiler is great for Butcher keeping his focus early).

    Sucks for the outcome, but you’ll get him next time!

    • Excellent! I thought the Battle Mechaniks had that rule (and it sorta makes sense, for specifically this sort of situation!).

      I still think that a Decimator or Destroyer works better with Malakov than *any* melee warjack, just for the whole “Keep Malakov Safe as Long as Possible” thing (since he’s really only vulnerable to spell assassinations at range!), but that stated, I would definitely put the more-valuable warjack on Butcher… unless you were taking a Conquest with Malakov. I stand by the fact that it would be a solid choice (although not with Butcher3, granted… too many points away from his preferred playstyle!).

      Thanks for the feedback!

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