Podcast 057 – Miscellaneous Debris – Chatting About 2015!

No Battle Report this week… instead, the three of us sat down to talk about some of our upcoming plans for 2015, some lists we’re thinking about running for upcoming tournaments, and some things coming down the pipes that we’re super excited about!


So, the things we discussed int his podcast include (but are not limited to):
– Why we started playing WarMachine, and why we picked our initial Faction
– Why did we pick our 2nd Factions.
– Things we’re excited about for 2015 (S.O.O., Adepticon, Reckoning Releases)
– Lists (or warcasters) we’re thinking about taking for the OTC
– New Year’s Goals for 2015Again, apologies for not having a Battle Report, for this week, but we’ll be back at that for the next Podcast! And it’ll be awesome… and I have a couple battle reports coming out (in written format) this week!Thanks for listening! Here’s hoping everyone has an awesome 2015, both on the battlefield and off!

2 thoughts on “Podcast 057 – Miscellaneous Debris – Chatting About 2015!

  1. So will you be putting Kassem up against Marc-Andre, Charles and Bubba at the same time then? They are all on the same team you know…poor Kassem 🙁

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