Podcast 059 – Legion (Thagrosh2) Vs. Menoth (Kreoss3) – Manifest This!

This week Nick was matched up against Darrell and his Menoth.  We are both practicing with our OTC lists.
IMG_5108 copy

Come listen to Nick forget his name (hey, it IS 4 letters long, and he’s only been using it for about 30 years…) and us discuss whether Fire of Salvation or Kreoss himself is a better choice for destroying Scytheans!

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Nick is too busy to finish the write-up (he just bought a unit of Blight Wasps and needs to finish painting them before Everblight consumes his soul), and so I’m filling in. Nick is running the same Thagrosh list from last week (and will be for awhile yet!), which he is starting to get a good feel for… and you can tell! He’s getting more confident with the activations, makes fewer misjudges on distances, and tends to get his beasts where they need to go!

Objective: Fuel Cache

As for Darrell, his OTC is a dark-horse warcaster (who, I believe, is actually riding a dark horse)… the cavalry warcaster of the Protectorate, Kreoss3!

*Fire of Salvation
Max Vengers
Max Zealots + UA
Min Choir
Vassal of Menoth
Saxon Orrik
Objective: Fuel Cache

This is a solid list, and Kreoss3 is a good warcaster (although, in my humble opinion, the weakest of the 3 Kreosses… on the other hand, he also tends to be the hardest to kill!). Solid toolbox of spells, hits hard, and cranks Vengers up to 11.

The Scenario on the table for this game was “Recon”, the only new scenario from 2015: a centrally located 12×6″ zone (aligned vertically) with an objective at the middle point of each side, and 2 flags on the midline that can only be dominated. I’m lukewarm about the scenario overall (specifically, I think several of the scenarios they took out from 2014 were better than this one!), but oh well. Maybe it will grow on me?

Darrell won initiative, and Nick picked the side of the table that had a wall near the zone.

Menoth Turn1

-Zealots run up the left flank

-Jacks all run up Fire of Salvation i the middle and the Vanquishers in the flanks.

-Kreoss does a ride by to get a bit closer to the Vengers and cast Ignite on them them rides forward.

-Vengers run up the right flankIMG_5110 copyIMG_5111 copy

Legion Turn 1

-Thag give the Raek tenacity and dragons bloods and throws out some more tenacities and walks forward behind the wall

-Raek runs forward to screen against the Vengers

-Scytheans both run up on either side of the zone.

-Angelius run up behind the Scythean on the left.

-Seraph moves up behind the Scythean on the right.

-Support moves up and does supporty things.

IMG_5108 copy IMG_5109 copy   Menoth Turn 2

-Right Vanquisher moves up and fire shots at my right Scythean hoping for lucky scatter but it goes nowhere.

-Left Vanqhusher fire at my left Scythean hoping for the same and it lights the Scythean and Angelius on fire but does no damage.

-Zealots run up and use their mini-feat Greater Desitiny and spell immune ability so they are invulnerable to my army for a turn.

-Vengers charge.  2 of them charge my Raek and take it out the rest spread out behind for the next wave. IMG_5114 copy IMG_5115 copy

Legion Turn 2

-Thags Slipstreams and moves up behind the angelius slipping it 2″ farther forward. He repulses to push the zealots engaging my left Scythean away. Cast Manifest Destiny.

-Seraph slipstreams and move over towards the left Scythean then lands beside the objective and slips the Scythean 2″ towards Fire of Salvation. Seraph fires at one of the vengers and rolls 3 shots.  He kills the Venger in 2 and there’s nothing else within 2″ too shoot.

-The Scythean tramples over the Zealots and get Fire of Salvation into melee.  Its buys an attack doing about 10 damage and the Fire of Salvation enlivens away because Herp Derp derp. I forgot about Enliven. Luckily the Vanquisher is also in its Melee range so it takes 3 swings at him and manages to cripple his movement.

– The right Scythean walks up and kills the 2 Vengers that killed the Raek.

-Naga walks up to screen the Scythen from the Vengers.  He takes a shot at one of them boosting to hit and misses. 1,1,1.

-Angel walks up and engages 5 Zealots.

IMG_5117 copy IMG_5118 copy IMG_5116 copy

Menoth Turn 3

-Right Vanquisher walks up and smacks my Scythean around.

-Vassal moves up and Anciliaries another attack. Scythean is still alive.

-Zealots walk up and throw some bombs.  2 of them throw at the Scythean behind them and do some light damage. 1 throws at the objective lighting it and Thags on fire.

-Kreoss pops Feat, casts Ignite on himself, charges the Scythean and finishes the job.

-Fire of Savlation moves up to screen Kreoss.

-Vengers charge in on the other Scythean and do some serious damage.

IMG_5121 copy IMG_5122 copyIMG_5120 copy

Legion Turn 4

-Thags moves back a bit and sprays over one of the Vengers engaging my Scythean, and kills it. He puts up Manifest Destiny and heals the damaged aspects of the Scythean.

– One of my Forsaken charges the other Venger and manages to kill it.

-The Seraph slipstreams and walks forward and ports the Scythean 2″ towards Kreoss. He rolls 4 shots and takes them all at Kreoss.  Only 1 hits and does light damage.

-The naga walks up and shoots Kreoss and does light damage.

-The Scythean charges Kreoss and puts him in the dirt on his second attack.

IMG_5125 copy   IMG_5126 copy

Victory to Legion!

Post Game Analysis:

Darrell had a few options in this case to keep Kreoss safe: the most obvious (to me) was to use Fire of Salvation to wreck the Scythean instead of Kreoss himself. Failing that, he could’ve attempted to do a Ride-by-Attack with Kreoss (move up, kill the Scythean, move back). Or, failing all that, just flooded more models between Kreoss and Nick’s stuff (although that would be the riskiest option!).

Nick learned a few things about Zealots (which, if you listen to the podcast, you will also learn!) that will help in future matchups, but specifically here I think he did some very dangerous but ultimately intelligent things. The Vengers only managed to kill a Raek (and heavily damage a Scythean), which was good work on his part: those 5 cavalry models could effortlessly take 2 heavies off the table, and Nick has preciously little to screen them with! He could tell that the attrition game was going to swing very hard against him after his Scythean failed to wreck a heavy before dying, and so focused on the assassination (which was a good idea).

Thanks for listening! Stay tuned over the week as I report on a few games from the Adam O Invitational (we’re planning to record another episode for that, so with a little luck that podcast will be out on Thursday or Friday along with my writeups!), and hopefully my finished Dynamo thread! Oh, and Nick’s progress on the last of his Legion models, of course!

2 thoughts on “Podcast 059 – Legion (Thagrosh2) Vs. Menoth (Kreoss3) – Manifest This!

  1. As always excellent good fun. However I was a little surprised that you guys didn’t seem to like the objectives. To me they seem like a really interesting addition. They can be very useful, and in some cases might allow you to play models/list you wouldn’t otherwise (Light artillery, fearless, etc.) but they are also something your opponent can destroy and seems like they will be a much more interesting addition to the game than previous objectives. Although that being a positive thing depends on if you think the objectives should do that or not in the first place. But since we do have them, it would seem to me to be better to have them be interesting rather than just a stat line to kill.

    • We are still on the fence about the objectives in SR2015. We talk about it more in the next podcast episode. It will be online tomorrow (monday). The main thing i’m bitter about is PP’s handling of light artillery. The creation of the
      firepower objectives was an indication that they knew they messed up with LA and were trying to fix it. I just think changing the scenarios to fix a bad model is the wrong way to go.

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