Podcast 078 – AdamBatRep 002 – Cryx (Gaspy3) vs Khador (Butcher3) – Silly Aaron, Cryx are for Kids!

Welcome back to my second batrep in an ongoing series I like to call, ‘your tears are delicious’.  This weeks game brought me face to face (I had to crouch a bit) with Aaron.


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Aaron’s list.

– Sylys
– Ruin
– Devastator
-Winterguard Infantry (max)
– Officer and Standard for WG
– Rocketeer WA x2
-Kovnik Joe
-Iron Fang Pikemen (max)
– Officer and Standard Iron Fang Kovnik
-Man o’ War Drakhun

Adam’s list:
Gaspy the third.
– Vociferon
Full Bane Knights
Full Bane Thralls +AU
Bane Lord Tartarus
Wither Shadow Combine
Gorman Di Wulfe
Darragh Wrathe
Satyxis Raiders +UA
General Slaughterborn


Look at this stare down, so many juicy targets for the Winter Guard

This is the stalker/peeping tom cam. 

t’s okay, some of you will make it home alive…..

Khasdor turn 1

Widow makers advance as they started to draft letters home to their loved ones. For whatever reason they thought they could shoot my Raiders on the hill, with force barrier. Sitting at 18 Def the Widomakers ‘pray and spray’ but don’t manage that off chance to hit.

Wintergaurd give bob a weave. Wait! That can’t be right. Correction, they gave bob a weave then gave ‘Bob & Weave’. Silly me.

Kovnik Joe advances behind them and gives them Tough and Fearless. Which is a pretty good move if you consider Khadors new Jack Ruin has Abomination. Now the WG can give him a hug without running away. Awwwww so cute.

Next up, the Iron Fang Pikemen (IFP) run towards the bane knights. Which so happens to be in the direction of a flag, my friendly flag.  You can’t fool me Aaron, I know you want this flag……

Iron Fang Kovnik (IFK) advances, and that’s pretty much all he does.  Aaron didn’t feel like giving Shield March, because he wanted his IFP to run this turn. This is Cryx after all, he doesn’t need to worry about a turn one shooting fest coming his way.

Devastator runs towards the Satyxis Raiders and Aaron’s friendly flag. Raiders have a pow 9/8 pair of weapons, Devastator is sitting at 25arm.  Seems like a cake walk to me.

Ruin also runs in the direction of the Raiders but isn’t able to get within 3″ for an Abomination check. Even though they were all brought up in horrible households, the Raiders do indeed still get scared form time to time.

The Man-O-War Drakhun advances behind Ruin and surveys the battlefield from atop his ‘high horse’, so smug.

Butcher and and dogs advance behind the jacks along with Sylyss. I don’t think Sylys knows what’s going on. My theory is he got super drunk the night before and sighed up for the wrong battle.  Now he’s dealing with it.


They are questioning their purpose in life as we speak.  They’re not failures, just dealt a shitty hand. 

 Two WG got sick and stayed home at Aarons. They called a few old friends (Mech Thralls), over to proxy their places. 

Cryx Turn 1

Im a bit happy there are only 10 ish possible guns facing me down right now. Trust me, that’s a good day for Cryx vs the usually bejillion possible shots they normally face.

Gaspy 3 Does fuck all with his Foc. Deal with it.

Bane knights run through the forest in a way that I can only describe as ‘frolicking’,  Most knights are towing into the forest and only a few are completely in the open.  Just in case having +2 def actually may help the Knights.

Bane Lord Tartarus rudely pushes his way through the knights to jump ahead of the line

Slaughter born waddles his way along the right flank keeping out of the forest, but in the general direction of the IFP He has a whole pocket full of quarters in case he wants to play a few games of Pac Man.

Bane Thralls run straight ahead in between the hill and the forest, in shooting range of the Wintergaurd. Aaron will need to get pretty close to take any shots off on these stealth wonders.  Of course they have those pesky SP8’s that my Banes hate.

Canker Worm moved forward on the hill, but forgets to do is free follow up. I take the blame on that.  He ended with Ruin and Devastator in sight.

D. Wrathe advances and gives out Death ride for the first turn. A lot of knight/thralls, the Wither Shadow Combine and Gaspy himself get a for a free 1′ movie.  Not that I really want to be closer to those rifles. Maybe the closer you get the less pow they do?

Gaspy activates, cast Ashen Veil on the Raiders, moves his 6 inches then casts Sything touch on the canker.

Raiders run to engage the Widowmakers, no chance I was in charge range. They’re now 12’s to hit in melee.  They bring a tent because they’re camping here for a while.

Wither Shadow combine run behind canker in anticipation of the next turn.

Gorman runs in front of canker with the Ruin in his sights.

It’s starting to look like a battle. 

IMG_20150527_202441 IMG_20150527_202511
Nothing to see here,  ignore those banes behind the curtain. They pose no threat. ….

Khador turn 2

Butchy allocates a foc to Devastator and ruin.

Kovnik Joe gives the WG boosted attack rolls…UHHGGG. Dropping tough and fearless..Yaaayy.

The Winterguard advance and give a bob & weave. They get really close to the knights and Thralls. Although because of his positioning only a few use their sprays. Too much rick of killing their own comrades.  Between me and you, *looks from left to right*, I think Aaron could have pulled off a few more sprays.  He manages to get off two sprays, killing only 1 Thrall and 1 Knight.  Another Thrall passes a tough check twice. The remaining WG who opt out of grapeshot don’t waste their turn. They take some shots off killing one more knight and doing 4 points of DMG to BLT. One rocketeer does 6 points of dmg to D.Wraith.  OUCH!

Widowmakers advance a tiny bit and swing their guns at the def 16 (Ashen Veil) raiders, missing every attack. As is tradition.

Iron Fang Kovnik advances giving shield march to the IFP.

IFP advances and all of them shield wall except 1

Devastator runs within a few inches of his friendly flag, because he don’t give a fuck.

Ruin charges a Raider who’s engaged with a Widowmaker, destroys it and kills one more. Raiders roll a 9 for CMD and pass. BUUUUTTT also lose Ashen Veil due to Ruins ability to ruin my plans. The Widow’s fail their CMD and flee. Man, who invited these guys? Since they already activated this turn they do’t have a chance to rally yet.

Butcher advances and does nothing but pet his dogs.  Aaron was contemplating a feat turn just to kill BLT but decides against it. Good choice.

Drakhun solo advances and takes a shot at a Raider with his blunderbuss and misses. Then AAron pees his own pants.

 Tons of infantry in charge distance, few troops dead due to gunrife. This is the day we’ve all been planning for guys. 


Cryx Turn 2

First order of business is to use vengeance on my Knights. Without their sugar daddy BLT they miss their vengeance attacks on  a few WG and IFP..

Oh and I allocated 1 foc to canker. Upkeep Scything touch for free because WSC. We have an arrangement, Tremulus upkeep’s for free and I give him free hair cuts once a month.

Withershaow go first and advance, give puppet master to canker . Which is always a good idea when charging in with a Bite attack. You need to make that one hit really count. The other two combine take 2 soul fire shots. One missed a WG grunt and the other hits and kills granting him a soul. Poor grunt will never go to heaven now that I’ve trapped his soul.

Gaspy moves forward a tiny bit because he’s so cramped in there. Casts Carnage catching a large # of IFP and WG in his 14″ control. Contemplated doing more but  instead campes 3 foc and FEATS!

Slaughter-born activates next and busts out the quarters.  He’s starring down 3 IFP that are blocking his way to a killing spree. I decide to charge the middle one giving me 3 die on a PS 13 attack. Don’t forget carnage giving me a Mat 10.  Charging a living thing also gives me +2 move, so good.  He eats the poor human which breaks the shield wall.  Then slowly makes his way killing people until he stops at the WG standard after only doing 3 dmg to him. Total score for Gerlak is 5.5.

BLT  is up next in what really is an unfortunate 1-2 punch for Khador. So he charges 3 WG then curses them before the attack. Kills all three in his thresher. Which spawns 2 Knights and 1 Thrall.

The knights go next and charge the WG and a few IFP. Carnage is bringing their Mat to 8, and cursed WG means mat 10 when attacking them specifically. Knights kill 1 IFP and a bunch of WG leaving him with only the standard and one rocketter left. Oh what a lovely day.

Vociferon is gorging on souls at this moment, but isn’t activating quite yet.

Gorman advances and black oils Ruin/ one Widowmaker with ease. That should put his new shinny jack out of the fight for a bit.

Who’s next?  Lets see…….*scans the room with his finger*  *sees a single Bane jumping up and down “ME ME ME ME”.  mmmmmmmm “You there, Bane. Okay go get em”
Bane thralls activate  and 4 charged the Devastator doing approx 10 points of DMG. I could have charged 1 or two more into the devastator but instead I decided to lock him down as best as I could. I really don’t want the Devastators massive melee AOE to kill that many.  Plus I needed some room for canker to squeeze his way into the Ruins front arc. A couple more banes would not have taken him out anyway. He truly is a hard target. Lastly one Thrall kills a wandering rocketeer.

Canker advances towards Ruin and does approx 15 points of DMG  using his bite.  Ruin is arm 20 cut in half =10.  The BIte is PS 11+2 for Scything Touch. So Dice +3. Which I boost. 1 die came up as a 1. Oh don’t forget the puppet master. I re-rolled a 3.  .

Raiders issues a run charge.+ mini feat (+1 extra die to DMG)  Kill the remaining 3 Widows with ease. The ladies do a few points of DMG to Ruin which isn’t too surprising. PS 8/9 with 4 die will scratch Ruin a tiny bit.  Feed backing 2 points of DMG to Butcher, and finally I knocked the Drakhun from his horse.

Vociferon advances closer to the action but safe enough from any threats. He is currently arm 19 with his 3 souls.

D.Wrathe moves forward as best as he can and activates Beyond Death for a -2 DMG debuff on all living enemy troops in his CMD. Basically giving all my guys +2 ARM. Then  does his follow up move to squeeze closer to the front lines.

No points were scored this fine round.

 Its Rain’n Banes, hallejulah it’s rain’n Banes


Khador Turn 3

Kovnik joe says a beautiful speech for the lone WG and himself giving out boosted attack rolls. HE shoots at Slaughterborn, only doing 4 points of DMG.  The WG standard hits a knight but fails to kill. ARM 16 is neato vs PS 8’s.

The IFP advance slowly but surely. Killing 3 knights and missing 2 others.  Man its a sad day when you miss a Bane with a melee. What has this world come to?

The Iron Fang Kovnik charge Slaughterborn…………………….Oh no…this could be the end of the legend,the hero,the great,the magnificent……….Kovnik failed Terror. Gerlak lives again.

The Drakhun attacks the Sea Witch and kills her pretty easily. Although shes no longer needed and I didn’t even like her anyways. Harumph.

Devastator issues ‘Rain of Death’. His special action and kills 4 banes, 2 survive.

Butcher goes and casts energizer. The dogs go B2B with a bane each, and Butcher gets up in BLT’s face. Ruin advances towards canker and takes a free strike from a Raider but it does 0 DMG.  The first dog uses its 2 attacks to kill one Knight, while the other dog kills a Thrall on its first attack. Butcher charges BLT and was just able to get off 3″ and killed kills the solo. Then casts Impending doom and Flashing blade killing 3 Knights, does Flashing blade again killing another Thrall, but two just wouldn’t die due to tough rolls. Butcher casts Obliteration on D.Wrathe and knocks him off his horse for the first time ever!  Somewhere in there Butcher feats by the way.

Ruin activats and missed canker because of black oil and canker being DEF 15.

NO points scored.

 Time to win. Who needs points when you can have blood?


Cryx turn 3

Gaspy earns 5 souls due to feat, and reeves 3 souls from Vociferon. Total Foc is 15. Not bad for an average day at the office.

I Upkeep Scything touch for free and give one foc to canker.

I do my Vengeance move on the Kights. I kill 2 pike men and the final Knight misses the butcher.

Canker activates and cripples Ruin leaving him with just a few hit boxes left.  Dice +3 again.

Bane thralls charge Butcher/Devastator /Ruin/Wardog. One Thrall took a free strike on the way to the dog and toughed. First Thrall hits Butcher needing 8’s and dioes16 DMG cutting the head off Butcher.

*drops mic*

IMG_20150527_222502 IMG_20150527_222516

Game Cryx.  Assassination, zero Control points.

What did we learn today?  Probably nothing, so here is a relevant gif.


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