Podcast 079 – Reckoning Model Release Discussion

For this week, we decided to put the battle report on hold temporarily so we could talk about the releases from RECKONING, announced at Lock & Load on Thursday.

Come, listen to me talk happily about everything Menoth and Cygnar gets, while Nick turns his Saltiness up to 11.

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The battle report has been written up, and will be recorded and put live soon! Stay tuned for that, and let us know what you think about the new releases! Which are you most excited/disappointed about?

12 thoughts on “Podcast 079 – Reckoning Model Release Discussion

    • Sure… but still a crap warjack.
      I think it’ll get some play (less than the Shield Guard one), but… I have lights that hit harder in Menoth. And more accurately (which is a big problem). And don’t explode afterwards.

      • Okay, yes, fair point… and for 5 points, it’s not a bad warjack. Makes a good speed bump (lots of boxes for a “light”)… I just wish it was MAT6 or POW15-16 on those fists. Even ONE POW16 and the other a POW12 or something… as it is? POW14 is really only “Struggles to kill some Infantry”-territory. I mean, think about it… this heavy needs better-than-average rolls to kill IFP! Or TFG with Defender’s Ward…

        But, again, 5 points… and hey, send him into a stack of infantry, burn all his Focus, and hope that when he explodes he takes out a couple more… there are worse options.

        I still like the Rager better, though.

  1. I didn’t hear you mention this in this in the ‘cast, but Assail will apparently affect the Banshee’s gun. So it’s slamming small and medium bases d3+2 under Thyron.

    • There have been a bunch of really interesting rules declarations (I wanted to avoid the phrase “rules rulings”) in the last few weeks. Haley’s “Temporal Flux” affecting the unit by default is good, not being able to arc through nodes outside of each Echo’s own CTRL range is bad, being able to use Thorn’s Affinity is good, not being able to use the Reaction Drive is bad, not being able to charge and cast spells with Future Haley is bad, but then Thyron not getting his Feat for the whole game is good…

      Anyway, too much to keep track of on a daily basis. But as soon as we get the warcasters in question in house, you’ll be sure to hear all about them! Thanks for the comment!

      • That’s true. They’re doing a lot of new stuff in Reckoning. I’m really looking forward to some Haley 3 (Hal3y? No? Too bizarre? Ok.) She seems so weird, but so coool.

      • I’m also really looking forward to it! As far as I can tell, she’s *really* powerful, but extremely difficult… much like Haley2, in that respect. And, unlikely Haley2, she’s still something of an unknown… and hopefully not as much of a chore to play against!

      • I can tell you for sure that I did not see Cygnar getting Revive, which makes a lot of Cygnar units a lot more dangerous.

      • I’m not crazy about Revive (although it will be fantastic with Stormlances and/or Blazers… gods, Blazers are going to be SO GOOD with Haley3!), but Ghostwalk!? Without exception my least favourite spell to face and it is going to be SO GOOD in Cygnar.

        “I run to engage your ATGM/Long Gunners/Blazers!”
        “Uh, okay. Ghostwalk, back up, shoot your guys to pieces.”
        “Well… damn.”

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