Podcast 082 – AdamBatRep 003 – Cryx (Gaspy3) vs Ret (Thyron) –"Sword of Lies!"

Welcome back fan, and mom. Thank you for reading. Playing againts Ret today. I can’t say I’m happy to see them back in our meta after Nick threw them to the curb, but I’m not overly scared either. Any gun line is scary for Cryx ,and Ret, well, they shoot in their sleep. Lucky (or maybe unlucky) for me Todd is playing a melee heavy jack spam.
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So today’s lists are as follows.


Gaspy the Bringing of Hellish things
Gerlak Slaughterborn
Darragh Wrathe
The Withershadow Combine
Satyxis Raiders Full with UA
Bane Thralls Full with UA
Bane Knights Full
Bane Lord Tartarus
Gorman Di Wulfe


Thyron, Sword of Truth
A Bejillion seven Griffons
– Helios
Soulless Voidtracer
Fane Knight Issyan
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution

Pretty interesting list for Ret. Can he take down all that infantry with the help of Thyrons feat and the nifty Cleave ability? Lets see how it pans out. I actually already know how it pans out, but I’m trying to be dramatic.

Podcast 082 001
Standard set up.
 Podcast 082 002Podcast 082 004
I have my EYE on Eiryss. God I need to work on these puns.

Podcast 082 003
Those whips will hit you so hard your caster will feel it!

Podcast 082 005
SO much metal. Lets hope it rains and they rust in place. 
Podcast 082 006

Ret Turn 1

-Todd dishes out 2 points of focus to Helios.

-Thyron activates and casts ‘Storm Rager” onto the Thane knight and then advances his full speed behind the obstruction. Nice and hidden. I like to imagine he’s cowering in fear.

-Helios activates next and uses “Broadcast Power’ to allocate 4 Griffons a foc that are within 3” of it. He now precedes to trample forward without falling flat on his face.

-Griffons then use their focus 1 at a time to run forward. A few end up in the forest and ignore the rough terrain because of pathfinder.

-The Arcanists spread out, one went behind Helios and the other to its left.

-The Soulless also hides behind Helios, pitches a tent and hangs out with the Arcanist.

-Aspis runs in between Thyron and a Griffon, staying on the back lines. He’s shy.

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Podcast 082 008
Podcast 082 009

Cyrx Turn 1

-Raiders run up the right flank toward Eiryss, 4 on the vanguard jamming a few
Griffons and Eiryss herself in the forest.  The rest stay farther back and do their hair.

-Bane Knights fan out behind the Raiders.

-Vociferon runs next. He stays on the hill to the left flank. Staying close by a lone Raider in the back lines.

-Bane Thralls run straight ahead next and do nothing out of the ordinary. Or at least that’s what they want you to believe.

-Gaspy Activates, using Vociferon as an Arc node he casts Ashen Veil on the Raiders and Scything Touch on the Canker, worm I forgot to allocate focus to. Sheesh!   Then Gaspy advances behind some cover camping 3 FOC. 19DEF/20ARM puts him in a safe position I’d say.

-Withershadow runs beside Gaspy

-DW activates, moves and casts Death Ride. Catching 80% of the army, giving them 1″ free move. He does his light Cav move and hangs out near Gaspy.

-Gerlak Moves up the far left flak and attempts to stay in safe distance of the Griffon in front of him. He’s not scared parse, just playing smart.

-Canker advances up the left flank also, ending his mov on a hill to get a better view of the battle.

-No points scored.

Podcast 082 011
 BLT is working up the nerve to ask that Raider on a date. 
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Ret Turn 2

– Todd allocates 2 foc to two separate Griffons and 1 to Helios.  God that’s a lot of 2’s.

-The first of 4 Giffins on his left flank activate and Kill a Raider jamming Eyeriss. Then stays put with no other ladies in range of his melee.

-Both Arcanists in turn hand out a focus each. Both giving to a different Griffon.

-Helios moves and kills another Raider in range, then uses Bradcast to give out 3 more Foc. 1 of those focus is placed on an already activated Griffon. Beggars can’t be choosers.

-After a few boosted attack rolls by the next Griffon, all Jamming Raiders are killed.

-Eiryss is free to Stand and Shoot at a Raider in range. She needs a 7 to hit and misses. The Raider was running a serpentine pattern, making it harder for Eiryss to hit 😉

-A lone Griffon charges a raider a few inches in front of Gaspy and misses. He now contests Todds left zone/my right zone.

-Todds right flank Griffons run towards the zone and do nothing. 1 is contesting while the other is hanging out in front of Thyros.  There seems to be a lot of hanging out this game.

-The Thane Knight charges a bane thrall, kills one with an impact on the way. Kills his target with his charge attack. Both Banes fail to tough. He uses his final attack and misses Gorman. WOOT!  Todd admits later that he forgot it was Gorman (proxy).

-Thyron  moves closer to the action, still hiding behind that obstruction. Not sure how he can see the battle behind that rock, maybe the Helios has a GoPro attached to him.

-The Aspis inches its way slightly in front of Thyros.

-No points scored.

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 Podcast 082 017Podcast 082 016

Podcast 082 021

Cryx turn 2

-I upkeep Ashen veil for free with WSC, and pay 1 foc to upkeep Scything Touch.

-DW moves and hands out Deathride. Catching a large portion of the army once again. Everyone blindly shuffles 1 inch.

-Withshadow cast 2 soul fires on 2 different Griffons. Admonia misses, and Marvelous Maelovus does 1 DMG point . Tremulus gives Puppet Master to a very special Raider, well we told her she was special. Lets see if she delivers.
-The ‘Raiders now charge. 4 charge Eiryss, and 4 charge various Griffons. I activate Power Swell for an additional DMG die. Needing a 4+ and using a 4 woman CMA the Puppet mastered Raider hits and kills Eiryss with ease. OVer compensate? Perhaps, but I take no chances in battle. With their 3 remaining attacks in range of a Griffon they miss. The next 3 Raiders miss 5 of their 6 attacks on a Griffon and the sixth fails to damage. The final Raider attacks the Griffon in the zone, misses the first attack and fails to dmg with the second. It is a sad day for Power Swell /Feedback.

-Gaspy Activates and casts Carnage then Feats, camps the rest for tough times ahead.

-Gerlak charges the Thane knight who passes Terror check. Gerlak does 9 points of DMG. Just shy of eating the Thanes horse.

-Canker (whom I forgot to allocate to again) moves up kills the Thanes horse. He onw does its follow up move ending deeper in the zone.

-BLT charges the Griffon in the right Zone near Gaspy and does 7/8 points of DMG and curses a Griffon further away.

-The Knights then charge a few griffons in the forest near where Eiryss is laying dead and wrecks one and does significant DMG to the other.

-The Thralls now activate and run/charge 2 Griffins on the back lines with the help of curse. Finishing the already damaged one and killing another. A lone Thrall does a few more points of damage to that pesky Griffon in the zone in front of Gaspy. The Officer finishes off the Thane Knight with the help of Carnage and 2 attacks. Missing the first attack. (Whew)

-Vociferon receives a soul from the Thane Knight and runs behind that pesky Griffon in the right zone.

-Gorman ,who is now freed up moves towards Vociferon and with the help of the back arc bonus, shoots him with Black Oil and also catches the Griffon. This allows me to Black Oil the Griffon without hitting the Knight, BLT and the Raider that the Griffon is engaging.

-No points scored

Podcast 082 018
Having a discussion over the dead body of a Thane Knight. 
Podcast 082 019 Podcast 082 020
 This can’t end well. 
Podcast 082 021 Podcast 082 022 Podcast 082 024

Ret Turn 3

-Thyron Gives 2 Focus to Helios and 2 to the Aspis

-He then activates, FEATS and puts Storm Rager onto himself. He needs magic to make him stronger, what a wuss.

-The Aspis walks up and kills 2 Bane Thralls with ease. He kills a third that toughs. Buying another attack he hits it again and finishes it off activating Cleave, killing a fourth Thrall. Not bad for a guy who just shows up to the battle turn 3.

-The Arcanist on Todds the left flank moves into the forest to give a Griffon a Foc.

-The Griffon in the forest who is just out of melee range of a Raider moves away and kills a Knight. Clearing a path for Helios.

-Helios now has room to move right in the forest surrounded by enemy models. He makes a side trip to the closet, grabs a broom and does a power attack Sweep, and with the help of Thyron’s feat he hits every one and kills approx 4 Raiders and 4 Knights, 4 others are now lit on fire. He  buys another attack and kills the remaining Raider in range.

-The Black Oiled Griffon actives, swings and misses the lone Raider. Pretty presumptuous of that Griffon to think he can hit the Raider with -4 Mat.  I guess his self esteem was high that day.

-The Griffon on Todds right flanks charges and kills the Bane Thrall Officer to avenge the Thane knight.  As a bonus he kills a lone grunt too.

-No points were scored

Podcast 082 023
So many dead..and I would have got away with it too if it wasnt for you meddling kids your damnable sweep.
Podcast 082 025
Those are two models you DON’T want beside your Griffon. Note to self. 
Podcast 082 026Podcast 082 027
Cryx Turn 3

– My three Bane Knights stop drop and roll, shaking off their fire.  They all proceed to do their Vengence attack. Four  of them move withing range of Helios and do a total of 8 points of DMG. The other 2 Knights move towards Thyron and do 3-4 points of DMG to a Griffon in their RNG.

-I turned all my Souls including 1 from Vociferon into focus. Gaspy is holding 14 focus, with all those souls things were getting crowded.

-Gaspy activaes and charges the pesky Griffon in the zone and finally it explodes. He casts Carnage and camps the rest.

-Vociferon is up next and he just moves behind the Knights in the zone, fully awear he will now do nothing the rest of the game.

-Darragh Wrathe moves up and since Beyond Death isn’t of much help this game, he casts Death Ride again. A handful of models move an inch and he does his light cav move deeper into the my right zone.

-The remaining 2 Thralls charge the Aspis and do enough to cripple both arms
-BLT and Gerlak combine their might and both punch the lone Griffon to pieces on my Left flank

– Canker (void of focus again) does nothing but move into position for next turn.

-Gorman advances within 4″ of Thyron and misses his Black oil. It deviated only 2″ to the 4.  It catches the caster of course and the Aspis as a bonus.

-Knights now activate, 3/4 of them cleverly charge Helios granting a charge attack. Doing a moderate 12-14 more points of DMG. The remaining 2 knights charge Thyron doing only 6 points of dmg total.

-The WSC charge the final Griffon, one has to charge over rough terrain but they all make it within melee range. They easily wreck the Griffon, pop out their toolboxes and quickly make a Ripjaw on the spot!

-The Ripjaw activates and does *Vicelock on Helios causing him to sacrifice his Mov and giving it a 2-Def for a turn.

1 Point scored for Cryx

Podcast 082 028  Podcast 082 029 Podcast 082 030 Podcast 082 031 Podcast 082 032 Podcast 082 034 Podcast 082 033

Ret Turn 4

-Todd allocates 2 foc to Helios.

-Thyron kills a Bane Knight in front of him by boosting. Remember he has -4 MAT due to Black Oil and cannot do any Magic Attacks. He camps the rest.

-Aspis swings……and its a miss, also because of Black Oil.

-The Soulless charges and kills a Bane Knight. 1pt for 1pt!

-An Arcanist moves into range of Gorman, but misses his attack. Lucky Goramn this game.  He’s got his Boots of Evasion equipped.

-The other Arcanist repairs Helios for 5 DMG, fixing a broken arm.

-Helios then kills one Knight but misses 3 more due to some trick die I snuck into Todds hand.

Cryx scores 1 more points.

Podcast 082 035

Cryx Turn 4

-I remember to allocated Canker 1 focus for the first time all game.

-I upkeep Scything Touch for free.

-The two remaining Knights trigger Vengence, one backs away form Thyron as to not get Black Oiled, while the other moves closer and attacks the Soulless and kills it.  Vociferon does not earn a soul that day my friends….

-Gaspy Activates and casts Carnage and camps the rest. He then charges Gerlak failing to get in range but ends in my left zone as planned.

-Gerlak charges and kills the Arcanist beside Gorman. Mat 10 with Carnage. Eats him whole and moves 1″ with overtake. For the exercise.

-Gorman walks closer to Thyron and black oils him again.

-BLT charges and kills the Aspis doing approx 8 points of DMG.

-Canker then activates, charges Thryon and with the help of Oil and Carnage hits him with ease. Using the Bite attack it does 13 points of DMG , cutting him in half.

Cryx wins. Sword of Lies!

Podcast 082 037

Podcast 082 036

Well, what a game. Quite the grind actually. Lots of dead people, lots of dead undead people, lots of dead non living metal people and one dead living, reanimated soulless person.  I’ll hope to learn form my mistakes and I secretly hope I never have to type the word Griffon again.  That makes (Griffon) 40 times this report.

I like to think the is the conversation Thyron had with the Helios before turn 3. 

9 thoughts on “Podcast 082 – AdamBatRep 003 – Cryx (Gaspy3) vs Ret (Thyron) –"Sword of Lies!"

  1. Looks a lot like a ‘ooh new shiny! Throw ’em all into one list and see what happens!’ – I agree with Nick that I don’t think Thyron(e) is the best caster to support this kind of list. Looked fun as all hell though, hope Todd had fun too ^^ Exciting game!

    Love the look of your zones too btw, where do you get those?

    Sweep the leg indeed Adam! Never seen such a good sweep either!

    • I agree with all your assessments!

      The zones are from Muse on Minis, I believe? If not, Muse has very similar ones for $40 (might be slightly different style, though). I’m sure Adam can point you towards the website where he got them, though!

      • Hmmm. On Feat turn, certainly (where every warjack is getting at least 4 “additional die” melee attacks). In his list that could theoretically be 32 attacks from warjacks! Very respectable.

        The trade-off is that Synergy is every turn. And sure, the Griffons aren’t going to do much at the start of the Synergy chain… but within 2 or 3, they’re suddenly hitting at MAT10, POW19 (ish), and both of their attacks are hitting, plus their bought attack from Broadcast Power, and every Griffon afterwards is getting more accurate, hitting harder… that’s a lot of street-sweeping potential.

        The problem is, of course, keeping those warjacks ALIVE long enough to get any work done. Maybe Thyron’s one turn of Feated melee attacks is better than a slowly-depreciating Synergy… I dunno.

        The Helios-warjack spam list is solid. It’s going to be a viable threat. But Thyron will still be better with swarms of Reach infantry, I think… and some Infiltrators, probably. Those guys are boss!

      • Marx, I’m confused about your four attacks – Cleave only grants one additional attack per activation.

        I honestly don’t think Thyron’s Field Marshal is sufficient grounds to go into jack spam – while the additional attack is certainly cute, I’d rather take more infantry models to take advantage of his spell list.

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