Podcast 087 – AdamBatRep 004 – Cryx (Gaspy3) vs Legion (pSaeryn)- “A Battle to Remember. “

Today’s match up is between, actually its in the title you lazy reader.  It won’t be an easy match up, there’s a lot I should be worried about.  Soul denial is rampant in Legion since it’s so beast heavy and the fact that soulless is a thing. Saeryn’s feat is somewhat insane. Not sure how that one managed to slip through the cracks. Probably the same quality control that brought you Haley2 and Denny2.  I guess by the time eSkarre came along they fired that person, because as I mentioned her feat is like eSkarre on crack!  So I have a tough game ahead of me, most likely filled with adventure, heated skirmishes, and intense battles. Strap yourself in for the ride of a life time!

IMG_20150729_192529 (Large) copy

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Adam’s List

Asphixious the Hellbringer
General Slaughterborn
Max Bane Thralls +UA
Max Bane Knghts
Bane Lord Tartarus
Max Satyxis Raiders +UA
Withershadow Combine
Darragth Wrathe
Gorman Di Wolfe

Nick’s Lis

Spell Martyr
Spell Martyr

Deployment below

IMG_20150729_185531 (Large) copy

IMG_20150729_185549 (Large) copy

IMG_20150729_185542 (Large) copy  The “everyone’s favorite” line formation 

IMG_20150729_185612 (Large) copy

IMG_20150729_185556 (Large) copy

Legion Turn 1

Saeryn goes first and puts Respawn on the Angelius next to her and puts Tenacity on the Raek, both Angels and herself, then walks forward her full MOV.  All that and its not even breakfast yet.

Both Angels run forward staying within the Objective. Which offers a free charge for Warbeasts/Warjacks.

Both Scytheans run forward. BORING!

The Raek runs forward beside a wall near the left zone.

The Harrier runs behind an Angel. I suppose it actually flies.

Support models stay behind everything but scooch up the board a bit. No need to endanger them.

Death Stalkers run up Nick’s left flank.

IMG_20150729_190852 (Large) copy

IMG_20150729_190845 (Large) copy

IMG_20150729_190857 (Large) copy

IMG_20150729_192454 (Large) copy

Cryx Turn 1

In typical greedy fashion, Gaspy did not allocate focus.

The Bane Knights run through the forest  towards my friendly zone. Most stay out of the forest but get into position for what will most likely be the most epic battle you guys will have the pleasure of reading.

The Raiders activate next and all run towards the Angels and the lone Scythean near the enemy zone.  I use 4 to jam while the other 7 stay scattered throughout the zone. I’m hoping to keep Nick locked up for a turn, alleviate his ball punching feat.

Vociferon runs towards the Raiders and stays put.

Gaspy Activates and uses Vociferon to cast Ashen Veil on the Raiders and casts Scything Touch on the Bane Thralls. That puts the Banes at PS 13 weapon Master with -2 ARM, so essentially PS 15 WM.  29 DMG on the charge if they roll average dice. Then Gaspy charges forward and ends behind a fence. Seems like a legit spot for him to be at the end of turn 1.

Slaughterborn runs behind the Bane Knights. Which is unfortunate because I’d prefer him further up the board. Damn you line formation!

Gorman runs behind Vociferon. Readying himself for a turn 2 Black Oil. Which I have to say is probably the most epic Black Oil you’ll have the pleasure of reading about. Just wait.

The Wither Shadow run up behind Gaspy.

Darragh Wrathe activates and moves toward the center of the army and casts Death Ride catching 90% of my army. I make room for BLT by moving some Thralls a few more inches apart from each other. He does his follow up move of 5″ towards Gaspy.

BLT activates and runs in between the newly parted Knights and the Thralls.

Canker moved his full 6′ then does his follow up 6″ to jam an Angel and the other lone Scythean.

IMG_20150729_192510 (Large) copyNot looking too bad, blocked Gaspy from tramples, and he’ll have to take a ton of free strikes if he decides to charge. Right?  RIGHT?

IMG_20150729_192504 (Large) copy

IMG_20150729_192521 (Large) copyCamping 3 Focus. I thought about popping my Feat but decided against it. 

IMG_20150729_192516 (Large) copy

IMG_20150729_192540 (Large) copy

Legion turn 2

Saeryn  drops all her upkeep’s. Weird that she would do that, I wonder what’s happening?

Harrier activates and moves forward and targets a Raider with True Strike, which auto hits. YAH!  Kills its then sprints into the zone in front of Gaspy.

The Soulless arc node (Spell Martyr) runs towards Gaspy. Oh no!

Saeryn activates and casts Blightbringer (a totally fair and balanced spell) on the Harrier. Causes a 5″ AoE to be placed around the Harrier. All models take a POW 12 DMG roll. It kills all models in the 5″ AoE: 2 Raiders, the Seas Witch, and a Bane Thrall.  She casts Breath Stealer through the Arc node and hits GAspy making him -2DEF and SPD. Then she Feats.

An Angels activated and charges Gaspy. It takes no free strikes because of the feat. Which I’ll admit I didn’t realize it was immune to free strikes as as well. My bad. It boosts to hit and makes the roll. With ARM piercing tail it does14 dmg, which is dice +2. It then buys a second attack boosted and hits. Dice -6 and does enough to kill Gaspy.


IMG_20150729_194425 (Large) copy IMG_20150729_194417 (Large) copy IMG_20150729_194256 (Large) copy IMG_20150729_194410 (Large) copy IMG_20150729_194244 (Large) copy IMG_20150729_194250 (Large) copy IMG_20150729_194218 (Large) copy IMG_20150729_194204 (Large) copy

Well its been a good run, Gaspy3.  Now you’ve lost and are of no use to me. In the garbage he goes……See you guys next time when I play a Cryx Caster that’s actually GOOD! Sheesh, eStugis/Denny3 combo here I come!

Who am I kidding, I’ll be playing Gaspy3 for a long time….

I can’t stay mad at you.

10 thoughts on “Podcast 087 – AdamBatRep 004 – Cryx (Gaspy3) vs Legion (pSaeryn)- “A Battle to Remember. “

  1. Important note: In the podcast one of you mentions that Blightbringer would make you immune to infantry (or something to that effect) since no one could attack the model affected by it without taking the corrosion damage.
    That is only the case for models without reach. Models with reach can even reach (heh …) a small based model standing in the middle of a 5″ AOE effect.
    It is a bit of a punch in the belly for McThralls and Banes, but Knights and Riders will happily deal with it. The former purely thanks to reach, the later can even charge into the AOE and use impacts to soften up the target, thanks to their 5 hp.

    What I would have liked would have been a second attempt, sort of a rewind to the point where Gaspy3 didn’t feat and figuring out if that would have mattered.

    • Also, my nitpicking aside: Still listening to the podcast regularly, though I rarely get the time to take a look here. Nice to see that there are a lot of post for people who like to read and look at pretty pictures too though. c:

      • Please don’t think of it as a nitpick! We really appreciate when people mention the mistakes we make (so in the future, we can make less of them!).

        Glad you still had the chance to stop by for the batrep, and thanks for listening again, AND super-thanks for the feedback!

    • @Plastefuchs: Hmmm, it’s unusual for Nick’s math to be off (which is why I didn’t question it at the time). Let’s quickly math it out.

      A large base is 50mm. The AoE is 5″=128mm. That means, from the center of the model, the AoE extends out 64mm. The model’s base takes up 25mm (*just* shy of an inch). That leaves 39mm, or 1.52″.


      A small based model (30mm) would leave 1.9″… my gods! Ha! Learned something new… so even small based models (like Shredders) are not protected against Reach!

      Excellent news!

      Thank you so much for the catch! I will try to take Nick’s word less at face value from now on! And thanks for listening!

    • @Plastefuchs
      Yes, good point. A reach weapon is safe against this spell against any base size.

      I’m sure I’ll play Saeryn again. Playing Cryx brings out all the nasty lists, its our cross to bear. lol

      • You should, she is a damn good drop vs cryx. You should also try a bunch of games vs Horseshade. He is the mortal enemy of Saeryn and will probably be dropped if you bring Saeryn to a tournament as your cryx drop. He kills her dead rather quickly if played well.

  2. Good report… to bad the good guys lost. Saeryn is a tough match up for Cryx, especially if you are not used to facing her. I bet you learned a lot from this match up and the next time you face her it will be a different outcome (I’m not saying you’re going to win mind you, but it could turn into a good ol’slogfest).

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