With the errata fresh on everyone’s mind, we wanted to take an episode to talk about the changes to the game, and how we here at Combo Smite feel about them…

Denny Haley
Spoilers: We’re all pretty happy about the errata, but admit that Cygnar and Cryx are going to have a rough couple months…

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Just one more quick note, folks… I think it’s important to note that, despite my comments about how the errata seems to target WarMachine more than Hordes, I’m not saying I want Hordes to be reduced in power! What I *really* want, is for PP to figure out a way to make Focus/Warjacks work as well as Warbeasts.

Some suggestions (off the top of my head) would include increasing the default Focus of warjacks to 4 and Bonded jacks to 5 and/or increasing the ARM value of warjacks by a point or two across the board… and/or fixing Jack Marshall (which is currently pretty useless).

But, again, we’re all really happy about the errata, and I don’t think this is nearly as bad as many Cygnar and Cryx players are making it out to be. I will miss my super OP Haley, but I think it’ll be fun for everyone…

Any feedback is welcome! Is the errata going to change what/who/how you play WarMachine or Hordes?

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  1. Nice review. Almost all of those changes were needed. The only thing I’m a little unhappy with was the Pistol Wraith nerf. Clearly, they shouldn’t be able to shut down a Colossal just by waving their guns at it three times, but changing Death Chill to Stationary looks like it puts them back in the awkward position of not having enough to do to justify their cost in most lists.

    I still think that eHaley and Body and Soul are going to be near the top choices in Cygnar and Cryx. I think Haley 3 might be a better ‘caster than Haley 2 now, but I’m nowhere near a Cygnar expert. Haley 3 is just really cool.

    As a Skorne player though, I’m most excited to put the big goofy turtle on the table for once.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Glasskin!

      Adam and Todd have said basically the same thing (the PWs are no longer worth their 3 points). I still disagree *in theory*, but the problem is that those 3 points can now go towards other things that may be more useful than the new PWs. So it’s not that they aren’t worth three points, it’s that there’s so much else in Cryx that’s undercosted/overpowered!

      Compare them to other 3 point models: the Eirysses obviously are better, but the Trencher Buster? Max Finn? Runewood? All useful in their place, but the PWs have way better offensive output, and if your opponent doesn’t have magic weapons are way more survivable and useful for scenario play. I think the problem is that before they were worth 5-7 points, and now they’re just worth 3 points and it looks bad as a result.

      But again, I’ve been wrong before!

      Haley3 is incredible. I don’t know if she’s better than Haley2 (even post-nerf), but she’s incredible and adds some fascinating, powerful tools to Cygnar. I can’t wait to get her on the table more! So much fun!

      I am also excited to FINALLY see the goofy turtle! They sound neat!

      • The more I think about it, the more I’d say Pistol Wraiths are worth 3pts. They’d certainly be way underpriced at 2. But they can’t do the job they were doing before, and that means that a lot of lists would rather have other things for the jobs they can do.

        Stationary is a great offensive tool if you can pull it off. They need to aim to get what I’d call reliable odds against anything higher than Def 12, but if they can freeze a Warpwolf that’s in range of Banes, there’s no worrying that Def 14 will save it. But Tartarus and/or Warwitch Siren and/or any number of Def debuffs will do the same thing.

        They’re still very good against infantry and snipe out support really well, which Cryx can have trouble with. And if they get souls, they’re suddenly very dangerous to ‘casters. But again, Cryx has lots of ways to threaten infantry and ‘casters, and there can be a lot of competition for souls.

        That’s a lot of utility. I just don’t know if it justifies the cost over Cryx’s other units. Probably yes for pDenny and eSkarre. There’s probably too much competition for points with most of the others.

        But then, I’m not much of a Cryx expert either šŸ˜›

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