Podcast 091 – Legion (Vayl1) Vs. Menoth (Durst) Because That’s All Darrell Plays These Days

Hope everyone is having an awesome, enjoyable Labour Day!
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Here’s this week’s podcast… a little late (because Marc is lazy and would rather BBQ steak than actually do his editing responsibilities… the slacker!), but still excellent!

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This week I was matched up against Darrell.  Once again I get to play against his Anson Durst list.

Max TFG + UA
Min Choir
Knights Exemplar
Orin Midwinter

Swamp Gobbers


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Legion Turn 1

-Shredder outs Tenacity on left Scythean and walks forward

-Left Scythean runs forward behind the wall.

-Seraph uses Slipstream and flies towards the left zone. Typhon gets placed 2″ forward from Slipstream.

-Gobbers walk forward and pop a smoke cloud.

-Vayl puts Leash on Typhon and Tenacity on the Angelius and walks forward.  She shoots the Seraph in the butt with her Oraculus and does no damage. Typhon walks up 3″ from Leash. She arcs Chiller on to the left Scythean and puts Tenacity on herself and Typhon.

-Right Scythean runs forward toeing the edge of the forest.

-Angelius runs forward toeing the edge of the forest.

-Deathstalker runs up to the ruin to toe the elevation.

-Both Forsaken run to keep up with Scytheans.

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Menoth Turn 1

-Durst allocates 1 to both Reckoners and Repenters

-Reckoners both run up the middle of the board slightly left of center.

-Repenters run up behind Reckoners and touch bases for Wall of Steel.

-Vassals walk up the middle and put Enliven on the centermost Reckoner and the Repenter behind him.

-Temple Flameguard run forward behind the wall on the left side and spread out.

-Reclaimer runs up behind TFG.

-Choir walk up and put Passage on both Repenters and the left Reckoner and the Vanquisher.

-Durst walked up behind the wall on the right and cast Wall of Steel and pulls from a Wrack (that explodes).

-Knights Exemplar ran towards the middle of the table away from the Deathstalker.

-Vanquisher walks up and fires a shot towards a Forsaken that scatters to nowhere.

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Legion Turn 2

-Vayl pulls in her fury and upkeeps both Chiller and Leash.

-Seraph slipstreams the left Scythean forward and is out of range to shoot anything.

-Vayl cast slipstream and walks forward. Typhon moves about an inch sideways towards Vayl from Leash then is placed 2″ forward from Slipstream. Vayl shoots him in the butt then arcs Hoarfrost through him onto the frontmost Reckoner.  She boosts to hit and scores the crit making him the Repenter and the Knight nearby Stationary. She also pops her feat.

-The left Scythean charged the left Reckoner and was about 1/4″ short.

-Typhon charges the frontmost Reckoner. It takes all his initials and 3 bought attacks but he takes it out.

-Right Scythean walks up.

-Gobbers walk up and make a cloud.

-Angelius walks up and pops a Knight.

-Deathstalker walks to other side of the Ruin and pops 2 more Knights.

-Shredder walks up and put Tenacity on the objective.

-Forsaken pulls fury off the Shredder.

-Activations are over. I get 5 feat moves and pull the failed Scythean, Typhon, and Agelius back and reposition the Seraph and Vayl.

IMG_20150902_194930 copy IMG_20150902_194935 copy IMG_20150902_194941 copy

Menoth Turn 2

-Durst gives 3 to the remaining Reckoner and upkeeps Wall of Steel.

-Reckoner get enlivened.

-Choir gives all the warjacks Battle.

-Reckoner charges Typhon and takes him out.

-Repenters walk forward and spray the objective. They go base to base to benefit from Wall of Steel. 2 sprays plus 1 ancillary leave it on 6 boxes.

-TFG shield wall forward and use Iron Zeal. 2 get within melee range of the Scythean and attack him for minimal damage but light him on fire.

-Vanquisher walks up and shoots at Angelius and misses.  Blast still catches it and does light damage and lights her on fire.

-Knights run and some of them go base to base with the warjacks to benefit from the feat.

-Durst walks up to the right zone and feats.

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Legion Turn 3

-Vayl takes in her fury and upkeeps Chiller.

-Shredder rabids and walks up to my friendly objective and kills it exactly to the box on his second attack.

-Vayl walks up to get the Reckoner and 1 of the TFG engaging the Scythean in her CMD range and cast Incite. She throws her Oraculus at the TFG and boost damage needing a 12 to kill and gets 11. She throws out some Tenacities somewhere.

-Gobbers run and tuck into the Reckoner, base to base, to prevent him from moving away.

-Left Scythean charges the Reckoner ending base to base with it in the front. He took 2 free strikes from TFG on the way in though and Darrell spike the damage like a mother fucker and cripples the Scythean’s mind. He is still effective MAT10 from Incite and Chiller so I’m not overly concerned. Despite that the charge attack misses and the Scythean ends up doing light damage to the Reckoner after using all his fury.

-Seraph casts slipstream and flies to within 2″ of the other Scythean then flies back toward the left zone and takes 2 shots at some TFG. Killing 1 of them.

-Right Scythean walks up to the Reckoner and burns through his fury and only cripples the Reckoner’s gun. It was a bad day for dice.

-Angelius walks up to max melee on the right Objective and kills it with 1 armour piercing attack.

-Deathstalker runs to jam Durst in the most annoying position I could think of.

-Left Forsaken runs to jam TFG and force an A-bomb check which they pass.

-Other Forsaken cleans off the right Scythean.

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Menoth Turn 3

-Durst gives 2 focus to the Reckoner and upkeeps Wall of Steel.

-Choir give battle to all the Warjacks.

-Knights charge the right Scythean and do heavy damage to it.

-Reclaimer tops up the Reckoner.

-Reckoner finishes off both Scytheans.

-TFG charge. 1 charges Seraph and misses. 2 charge Shredder and do 10 dmg with a CMA. 4 get non-charges on the Forsaken and take her out with 2 CMAs. The rest run to jam and 1 more engages the Seraph.

-The vanquisher walks around Durst and smacks the Deathstalker, killing her.

-Durst charges the Angelius and she erupts in to ass.

-Ancilliary on Vanquisher misses the Forsaken but hits her with blast doing 3 damage and lighting her on fire.

IMG_20150902_204710 copy IMG_20150902_204719 copy IMG_20150902_204726 copy IMG_20150902_204755 copy IMG_20150902_204807 copy

Legion Turn 4

-Shredder and Forsaken both die to fire.

-Vayl casts Slipsteam and Incite and walks towards Durst. The Seraph get placed out of melee. She fires a Hoarfrost at him* and boosts the damage doing 5. No crit for stationary though.

-Seraph walks towards Durst and rolls 4 strafe shots. 3 shots hit* doing enough boosted damage to put Durst down.

Victory to Legion

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