Podcast 092 – Cygnar (eCaine) vs Convergence (Aurora): Ticking Like Clockwork!

This week we’re proud to have a member of Team Canada on the podcast playing the clockwork Faction!

Podcast 092 019

Chris is a great guy, and a solid Convergence player (even though his usual Faction is Legion)! Very educational game!

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Marc’s List:

Captain Allister Caine (“eCaine”)
– Sylys
– Ace
Rangers x2
Tempest Blazers (max)
Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers
– Officer
Stormsmith Stormcaller
Arlan Strangewayes
Greygore Boomhowler & Co. (max)
Taryn di Rovisi
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution
Objective: Effigy of Valour

Chris’s List:

Aurora, Numen of Aerogenesis
– Cipher
Clockwork Angels x2
Reciprocators x2
Enigma Foundry x2
Obstructors (max)
Optofex Directive
Transfinite Emergence Projector (“TEP”)
Objective: Ammo Dump


Initiative Roll: Chris won, elected to go first. Marc took the side of the table without the forests.


Chris deployed thusly:

Podcast 092 013

Marc deployed thusly

Podcast 092 016 Podcast 092 015

With that, ready to go!
Podcast 092 018

Convergence, Turn 1

– 1 Focus to the Cipher, and it Apparitions forward 2″ (from Aurora’s Battlegroup ability)
– Aurora activates, cast “True Path”, and moves up behind her objective
– Cipher runs in front of Aurora, next to the Objective
– Both units of Reciprocators get “Shield Wall” orders and walk forward
– Obstructors run forward and spread out
– TEP runs forward next to the Objective and spits out its Servators
– One unit of Angels runs up behind the TEP, another behind the left flank Reciprocators
– Both Enigma Foundries run up behind the Obstructors

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Cygnar, Turn 1

– Caine camps all his Focus
– Eiryss walks up the right zone and pops off an Obstructor. The Enigma Foundry gets a soul.
– Murder Ponies run up the right flank as well, getting a couple close to a wall past the midline
– Right unit of Rangers walk forward and open fire on Obstructors. Only 2 get within range, and they end up killing 1 enemy, who gives a 2nd soul to the Foundry.
– Left unit of Rangers run forward and spread out as much as possible
– Arlan uses “Power Booster” on Ace
– Ace walks forward and takes a shot at the TEP, but is 0.25″ out of range. Sad trombone.
– Boomhowlers get “Super Tough” and run forward, spreading out. Greygore hangs out near Marc’s Objective.
– ATGM walk forward behind the Boomhowlers.
– Caine activates, casts “Heightened Reflexes” on the Boomhowlers and “Blur” on the Gun Mages. He then walks directly towards the left side of the table (conscious of Aurora’s 21″ threat range being very close to his maximum 22″ threat range)
– Sylys and Reinholdt run to be near Caine.
– Stormcaller runs to be on the right flank, and Taryn shuffles up near Boomhowler

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Convergence, Turn 2

– Aurora assigns 1 Focus to the Cipher, and they both shift around a little from Apparition
– Aurora goes first again. She casts “True Path”
– The Enigma Foundry pops out 2 shiny new Obstructors back into the unit.
– The Obstructors walk forward in Shield Wall. They clear out a Boomhowler and a Ranger from the right zone.
– Right zone Reciprocators walk forward in Shield Wall. They morph for “Set Defense”
– TEP moves forward just into the left zone and generators its 3 Servitors: 2 for “Additional Die on Attack Rolls”, and 1 for “Additional Attack”. It fires out its 3 spray-10s, killing a Ranger and forcing a few Tough-checks on Boomhowlers.
– Left-side Reciprocators walk up in Shield Wall and morph for Set Defense.
– Left unit of Angels walks backwards and opens fire on a Ranger with a CRA, hitting and killing.
– Cipher walks forward and pumps out 2 shots, killing an ATGM with a good scatter.
– The other unit of Angels hangs out behind the TEP, and Chris is done.

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Cygnar, Turn 2

– Caine camps his full stack again, upkeeping “Heightened Reflexes” for free (from Sylys) and paying 1 to upkeep “Blur”.
– Arlan “Power Boosts” Ace.
– Reinholdt Reloads Caine, and Sylys whispers Arcane Secrets (“Use the Force, ‘Lister…”)
– Left side Rangers activate, moving up and spreading out (one dies to a Free Strike). They open fire on the TEP and Reciprocators, pinging for a few points of damage.
– Caine activates and walks forward. He opens fire on the TEP: takes 3 shots, which Chris Sac-Pawns off onto the Servitors. Caine then “Gate Crashers” back to Sylys to sulk.
– Ace moves up and takes a shot at the TEP, boosting damage with his Trick Shot. He inflicts 3 points on the battle engine and kills an Angel with the Trick Shot. No Soul, since Trick Shot isn’t an Attack.
– Right side Rangers shuffle back to the edge of the zone, keeping one near the Objective (to keep them from Fleeing if there is a CMD check). They open fire on the Obstructors, but all either miss or fail to break ARM.
– Blazers activate and walk forward, pumping a Brutal Shot into an Enigma Foundry (needing a 5, misses), one out of range of the Foundry, and the other 3 firing Brutal Shots into Reciprocators and pinging pointlessly off their ARM. They Light-Cav move further behind Chris’s flank.
– Boomhowlers get Super-Tough and walk forward. 2 get in melee with Obstructors: one misses, the other kills 1 (generating a Soul). The rest open fire with their blunderbusses on the TEP, but either miss or fail to break ARM.
– ATGM move forward and 2 fire Crit: Brutal Shots into the TEP, failing to Crit and doing no damage. The others fire Thunderbolt rounds at the Reciprocators in the left zone, 3 being in range: 1 hits knocked down (and takes no damage), another is pushed out of Shield Wall (and takes 1 damage), and the third shot misses.
– Eiryss walks towards the Cipher and takes a shot: out of range.
– Stormcaller walks forward and calls Lightning on the Cipher: out of range.
– Taryn walks to the other side of the Objective and pumps two “Iron Rot” shots at the Cipher, inflicting 4 points of damage between the 2 shots (all hull, from Iron Rot).

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Convergence, Turn 3

– Aurora allocates 1 to the Cipher, and they both shift a little with Apparition again.
– Optofex go first and repair ALL the damage on the TEP (of course)
– Aurora activates, casts “True Path, and pops her Feat. She moves towards a Blazer and boosts a shot into him, killing him. She “Refuge” moves back towards the middle of the table.
– The TEP activates and spits out 3 new Servitors: 2 in “Additional Die to Hit”, and 1 in “Additional Die for Damage”. It fires 2 shots: first shot forces 2 Toughs on Boomhowlers (both pass) and kills an ATGM, second shot clears out both Boomhowlers. Refuges back to block LoS to Aurora.
– Left side Reciprocators clear out a bunch of Rangers (leaving 1) and Shield Wall. They Refuge around in the zone.
– Obstructors Shield Wall and move up, clearing out all the Boomhowlers, but leaving 1 Ranger in the zone. They Refuge to make it difficult for Marc to contest.
– Enigma Foundries move up, one blocking LoS with the Objective to Aurora. The one with a soul token spits out a new Clockwork Angel for the central unit.
– Center unit of Angels charges last Ranger in the right zone, easily clearing him out. They Refuge up a little.
– Right unit of Reciprocators move up in Shield Wall and kill 2 Blazers (leaving Marc with 2). They Refuge into the zone.
– Cipher takes a shot at the Objective, hitting Taryn and Greygore. Boosts damage on Greygore but does no damage, and fails to wound Taryn. Refuge moves up to jam.
– Lastly, left unit of Angels moves up and kills another Ranger with a CRA.

Score is 1-0 for Chris
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Cygnar, Turn 3

– Caine camps everything (again), drops Blur and upkeeps Heightened Reflexes for free.
– Reinholdt reloads Caine, and Sylys whispers Arcane Secrets (“… it’s 42”).
– ATGM move up and open fire, killing 2 Servitors (to deny Sac-Pawn) and Thunderbolt a Reciprocator on the left (sadly, it goes from being in B2B with one, and is pushed back to be B2B with another). No damage.
– Caine moves forward and opens fire. 3 shots go into the TEP, boosting damage each time, and do a total of 9 damage. He Gate Crashes to be near Marc’s objective.
– The left side Ranger moves up and tries to stab the now-exposed Reciprocator. No good.
– The Rangers on the right get Run orders. 1 goes blitzing off towards Aurora (ASTERIX), while the other two just run into the zone. The guy way out of formation passes his CMD check.
– Boomhowler gives Super-Tough and charges. 1 gets on the Foundry (surviving a Free Strike from the Cipher with Tough, unable to be knocked down), Greygore gets on an Angel, and the last just runs away from the Cipher (and again survives the Free Strike). Charge attack on the Foundry misses (of course), Greygore kills an Angel.
– Stormcaller calls Lightning on the Cipher and hits, Disrupting it.
– Two Blazers move towards Aurora. Only 1 gets range on her… and misses. The other shoots a Reciprocator not in Shield Wall with a Brutal Shot, and does no damage. They Light-Cav to be fully in Chris’s Deployment Zone.
– Arlan “Power Boosts” Ace.
– Ace moves up and takes a shot at the TEP, boosting damage (does no damage). The “Trick Shot” goes into Aurora and inflicts a few points.
– Marc forgets to activate Taryn (slightly on tilt from the utter failure of his flanking maneuver).

Score stays 1-0 for the Convergence!

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Convergence, Turn 4

– Aurora camps everything, and gets her Apparition moves (along with the Cipher).
– Obstructors kill the 2 Rangers in the right zone while in Shield Wall. The last Ranger (near Aurora) breaks.
– Aurora runs into the zone.
– The Cipher takes a “Rough Terrain” shot at Caine, which scatters behind him.
– The Reciprocators and Enigma Foundry on the right shuffle around to completely block LoS to Aurora.
– The TEP moves up and puts 1 extra dice into Damage, and 2 into Hitting. It opens fire on Ace, and leaves him on 6 boxes (Cortex and Movement still functional). Also kills the ATGM Officer in the sprays.
– Reciprocators and Clockwork Angels on the left clear the zone and kill the last Ranger on that side.
– Clockwork Angels on the right charge Boomhowlers, but fail to kill any.

Score goes to 3-0 for Chris for dominating Marc’s zone.

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Cygnar, Turn 4

– Caine camps his full stack and upkeeps Heightened Reflexes for free (because why not).
– Boomhowlers go first. Greygore kills a critical Angel (between Caine and Aurora).
– Taryn goes next. She moves up and takes a Shadowfire shot at a Reciprocator (last model between Caine and Aurora): hits and does no damage. Second shot hits the same guy but also does no damage.
– Caine activates, moves up, and pops Feat. He needs 7s to hit Aurora (who is ARM18), and doesn’t have Reinholdt’s Reload (he was too far away). 1st shot misses. 2nd shot hits and does 1 damage. 3rd shot misses. 4th shot misses. 5th shot hits and does 2 damage. 6th shot hits and does 3 damage. 7th shot misses. 8th shot (and final) hits, and does 3 damage.
– Both Tempest Blazers walk towards Aurora and take Brutal Shots, needing 9s to hit… both miss.

Marc ends his turn, Chris scores 2 more points, and clinches the victory!

Victory to Convergence!

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After Game Thoughts:

A couple crucial mistakes on Marc’s part… the Cipher’s “Rough Terrain” template alone could’ve ended Caine’s assassination chances on the spot! Also, some pretty crucial mistakes in target selection… too much firepower pumped into the TEP, not enough in cleaing up the Optofex or Foundries. Blazers were cute on a flank, but would’ve been better pumping firepower into Chris’s front lines instead.
Caine *probably* should’ve been on the right side and used his Feat to clear out 9 infantry models (Remove from Play is powerful, after all) earlier in the game. And, correspondingly, Chris *probably* should’ve kept Aurora further back, rather than risking the Domination against Caine, especially since Taryn was still on the field.

Anyway! Educational game, and *next* time, I won’t forget that eCaine isn’t the one with Thunderbolt or Teleport! Oops!
Thanks for listening! Feedback is always welcome!

0 thoughts on “Podcast 092 – Cygnar (eCaine) vs Convergence (Aurora): Ticking Like Clockwork!

  1. Enjoyed the episode – though I always like hearing CoC batreps. 🙂

    One callout, since I’ve seen alot of folks making this mistake – TEP’s autofire attacks are simultaneous, so you only need to pass a single tough check, no matter how many times a tough model was hit.

    • Thanks for the response! You are, of course, correct! Not sure if we got it wrong, but definitely possible… and wouldn’t be the first time. But a VERY important rule to keep in mind (also only requires 1 transfer from a warlock, etc…).

    • This was errata’d a long time ago. It now says “Friendly models” instead of “Friendly Faction”.

      It’s about the only reason anyone uses Tarryn! And she synergizes with eCaine *really* well.

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