Podcast 098 – War Room Beta Sneak Peek and Skorne (Xerxis2) Vs. Retribution (Kaelyssa)

Hey guys.

This week we have something special for you.  I got into the BETA for the new revamped version of War Room and I thought we would show it off for anyone who wasn’t able to make it.

IMG_0004 Please keep in mind that this is an early beta release and will most definitely be changing as the beta testing proceeds.

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The title screen is streamlined.  The only remaining buttons are the ones to take you to Army creation and Damage Tracking.  The damage tracking portion is not currently activated in the beta test yet.  The Card Library and Reference sections have been moved to the icons on the bottom center of the screen and are accessible from any of the menus in the app. There is a settings button on the bottom left corner. In the bottom right corner there is a button for bug reporting, a help button and a login menu.


In the settings menu there are now a number of backgrounds you can choose from.


The way the card library works has been overhauled.  It is simultaneously much more powerful and also more cumbersome to use.  You can’t just browse by faction anymore. You need to search for specific things and use filters to find the cards you are looking for. However there are some cool tricks like you can filter by abilities by using the search “Ftr:ability” For example: “Ftr:Snipe” will show all the models in the game with an ability called Snipe.  This will include all the casters with snipe, models like Gun Mages with the Rune Shot snipe, and models with the Sniper ability.


If you do a blank search nothing happens but if you search with just 1 or 2 characters it will return everything in the game and then you can use filters under the filter button in the top left corner to filter which factions you can see. This is the fastest way to emulate the functionality of the old card library.


One of the new features I’m most excited about is the collection manager.  Its a bit tricky to get to but the developers said they were going to make it more prominent.  It allows you to indicate what models you own and also whether they are painted or not. The best part is you can even use these criteria when list building to exclude models you don’t own, or don’t have painted.


The reference section is now available from any screen by pressing the icon on the bottom of the screen.  It is mostly unchanged as far as I can tell from the current version of war room.


Army creationhas new options including limiting your model choice to models that you own or have painted based on what you entered into your collection.

You can also have your list verified using steamroller rules.


Army tags are a new feature that allow you to categorize your lists however you want. Tags also work with the steamroller rules such that lists with identical tags will be evaluated as if they are part of a list pairing. Meaning it will evaluate character restrictions across multiple lists.  Very cool stuff.


Army lists can also be sorted by faction, Caster and tag. This is great news for those of us with severe caster/faction ADD.


The army selection screen hasn’t changed too much but they have added the ability to search, filter and sort your available models.


Tier list work the same as before but so far are a bit buggy.


They have also added steamroller objectives to the army list section.

For the battle report this week:

*Molik Karn
*Cyclops Brute
Max Nhilators
Max Incidiarii
Max PGs

*Manticore x 3
BMs x 2
Arcanist x6


IMG_20151028_191017 copy

Skorne Turn 1

Skorne army walks forward.

Molik Karn walks up 10 with mobility and rush then Fatewalkers even further forward.

IMG_20151028_191526 copy

Retribution Turn1

Retribution army runs forward getting into position for an alpha strike. Kaelyssa is placed safely back from the front lines on a hill, screened by Battle Mages and her heavy myrmidons.

IMG_20151028_192523 copy

Skorne Turn 2

Xerxis pops his feat and puts up mobility and rush on Karn.

Molik Karn charges a Battle Mage, side steps into a Manticore, then sidesteps into Kaelyssa and eats her for lunch.

Skorne Victory!

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  1. Wow – short and sweet!

    Just wanted to say on the beta for war room if you select a faction in the filters with no other criteria, it’s pulling up that entire faction just like the old card library without any extra hoops to jump through (for me anyways on an iPad).

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