Podcast 106 – Errata-pocolypse 2016! Is The Sky Falling Again?

Well, it happened… the newest Errata dropped last week, and boy, was it a doozy.
It’s basically all any podcast has been talking about, so we figured we’d add our voice to the chorus!
Sadly, Nick wasn’t feeling well, but thankfully I managed to rope Tim from Arcane Assist onto the podcast, so I’m still calling it a win!

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For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the link:

Also, for those of you who didn’t receive the memo (which none of us here at Combo Smite agree with, but hey, there was a memo), Todd has helpfully taken the following photograph:

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0 thoughts on “Podcast 106 – Errata-pocolypse 2016! Is The Sky Falling Again?

    • Ha! I KNEW it! Tim has an encyclopedic knowledge of Warmahordes so I didn’t think to question him at the time, but I was pretty sure it was an infantry unit (although, admittedly, I thought it was the ones with Blade Shield).

      Thanks for the catch!

  1. Aside from the Karax there are 3 points I have – good assessment overall I thought.

    1) The fact there are marginally better or worse models to reward list building skill as I think Tim put it also means there are things that are models that are a waste of money to buy. The game is already in this state for every faction & silver bulleting upgrades (new Blight thrall, Karax buff) will not fully cover it. I am interested to see no PP address this going forward (the game cannot grow forever but whether it is close to bursting yet?)

    2) +1 to go first on Bradigus tier. Am I the only one that thinks the existence of these bonuses are a symptom of a broken game? I don’t mind losing a game on a die roll but I would rather it was not the first one for first turn. The very fact that these are valuable indicates to me that the roll to go first is more valuable than it should be. (Ideally)

    3) and more relevantly to the topic in hand not, just me ranting, the EE nerf effectively means PP have sold models to players that then can no longer use in a legal list. They said they would never do this, back in the mists of time.
    This explains some of the GW comparisons & butt hurt. I would rather have a healthy game than worry about that myself, that or make all my Khador Jacks vaguely useful. Of course nerfs & buffs, new releases & edition changes have effectively done this in a “soft” way already but it’s the first “hard” redundancy.

    Podcast is always fun except when you get Moliked top of 2 (definite buff to him BTW) Keep it up!

    • Thanks for the feedback, Jonathan! While I don’t quite agree with everything you’re saying, I do respect where you’re coming from.

      I don’t think the new, adjusted Bradigus Tier is nearly as terrifying going first. The inability to make multiple forest-walls means that the Bradigus lists will be far less safe on the approach, and significantly, will *probably* be chargeable one the critical turn. If you’re always losing if your opponent goes first, I suspect that the terrain setup has been done poorly: there should be an obvious advantage to one side over the other, whether a wall, trench, or hill in a critical position, or restricted approaches due to shallow water or whatever.

      That stated, I really like going first, so I can’t comment too much!

      Basically, it’s not as bad as the eVayl or pre-nerf eDenny +1 Rolls. Those are/were total BS. In Brad’s case… it’s an acceptable compromise, I think.

      I honestly don’t know any pure waste-of-money models at the moment. Skinners, maybe? But I don’t play them. The Australian team at the WTC played a unit of Kossites extremely effectively, and the Trenchers have seen a resurgence due to Haley3… and so on. I think people suffer from group-think sometimes… and that “weaker” units often surge back to the forefront.

      That stated: I think all warjacks need *something* for WM to catch up to Hordes, but for now, I think PP is doing a good job balancing stuff.

      Except eGaspy. That bastard sucks. ^_^

  2. Hey I’m back. Been away from the warmachine seen for a few month (about 4 or 5), just needed a break 🙂

    Interesting time to come back though, major changes with this recent errata.

    One thing that I really don’t understand though, when it comes to EE… why is the Mountain King even considered in the theme? It’s supposed to be an elemental themed list… so why isn’t it the Glacial King? It just makes more sense for me if they took out the Mountain King, or even just added the ability to take the Glacial King in the tier.

    Just my 2cents… for what its worth (and that’s Canadian money 2cents… so it would be worth next to nothing if it goes south of the border :D)

    • A fair assessment. Although one might argue “stone” is an element? Or “earth”, at the very least. They’ve already got “ice” covered with the Winter Troll…

      Anyway, fluff =/= rules. But I’m glad it doesn’t include the Glacier King… that thing is terrifying enough as it is!

      Welcome back! In your absence, you were missed. ^_^

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