Battle Report 117 – Protectorate (Durst) vs Protectorate (Ad-Raza): Mk2.5 Testing FTW

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No podcast this morning (although we’re planning on recording one later tonight for release this week), but you can at least give our battle report a read, if you’d like!

Darrell’s list:

High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza
– Dervish x2
– Devout x2
– Repenter x2
– Vigilant x2
– Templar
Choir of Menoth (max)
Aiyana and Holt
Anatasia di Braye
Gorman di Wulfe
Vassal of Menoth

Marc’s list:

Anson Durst
– Hierophant
– Repenter
– Devout
– Reckoner x2
Holy Zealots of Menoth
– Monolith Bearer
Bastion Seneschal
Exemplar Bastions (max)
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (Mk3)
Choir of Menoth (min)
Vassal of Menoth x2

Mk2.5 Rules Used for this Game:
– No Psychology
– No Skill Checks
– Pre-measuring
– Eiryss using her new rules (Blessed on all weapons, Weaponmaster melee, Witch Hunter, Assault, Spell Breaker, and Purgation on the Crossbow)
– Free Focus within CTRL
-1″ reach on heavy jacks (unless better listed)
-Choir provide no RAT/MAT bonus

Marc won the initiative and elected to go first, Darrell selected his side of the table because his models were there.

Scenario is Incursion.


Marc deployed thusly:

IMG_20160505_190956 IMG_20160505_191002

Darrell, on the other hand, deployed more like this:
IMG_20160505_190950 IMG_20160505_191010

And then we are ready to go!

IMG_20160505_190939 IMG_20160505_190946

For “clarity”, Marc’s turn will be labelled “Menoth”, while Darrell’s turns will be labelled “Protectorate”. Clear as mud. Onwards!

Menoth, Turn 1

– Free Focus to everyone
– Bastions, Zealots, warjacks, and Eiryss all run forwards
– Durst casts Deceleration, Wall of Steel, and walks forward

IMG_20160505_191621 IMG_20160505_191645 IMG_20160505_191636

Protectorate, Turn 1

– Free Focus to everyone
– Ad-Raza hangs back and casts Mobility and Synergy.
– Vigilants both run forward with Repenters nearby
– Devouts and Templar head up the middle of the table
– Gorman drops Smoke on Ad-Raza
– A&H move up and Stealth
– Choir runs forward

IMG_20160505_193236 IMG_20160505_193249 IMG_20160505_193245
Menoth, Turn 2

– Free Focus to all jacks, plus 1 more on both Reckoners, upkeep Wall of Steel
– Choir sings “Battle”
– Reckoner walks forward and shoots a Dervish for moderate damage
– 2nd Reckoner shoots other Dervish, but misses
– Vassal moves up and gives Ancillary Attacks to Reckoners, killing the damaged Dervish.
– Friendly Repenter moves up and sprays closest Vigilant, but misses.
– Zealots run forward, jamming 2 towards Darrell’s lines and the rest hugging the bases of warjacks.
– Durst moves up, casts Deceleration, pops Feat, uses Cornerstone
– Devout moves B2B with Durst
– Bastions run in front of Durst
– Eiryss goes extreme flanking towards Darrell’s back lines

IMG_20160505_194630 IMG_20160505_194650 IMG_20160505_194646 IMG_20160505_194634
Protectorate, Turn 2

– Free Focus goes out plus one to each Repenter, Synergy is upkept.
– Ad-Raza goes first, casts Mobility and charges Eiryss, hits and kills her (Synergy = 1)
– Choir sings Battle
– North Repenter moves into CTRL and kills a Zealot (Synergy = 2)
– South Repenter sprays through a bunch of Bastions and hits the Senny: light damage to all the Bastions, kills the Seneschal
– Remaining Dervish moves into some Zealots, hits them but Marc uses his Feat to transfer the damage to a Reckoner (Synergy = 3)
– First Devout runs to be near Ad-Raza
– Second Devout moves forward, as do remaining warjacks (Vigilants and Templar)
– Aiyana and Holt move up the middle and Stealth again.

IMG_20160505_200028 IMG_20160505_200041 IMG_20160505_200106
Menoth, Turn 3

– Free Focus plus 2 on the Reckoner closest to Darrell’s Templar
– Bastions get Charge orders: heavily damage both Vigilants
– Zealots activate and walk forward, wiping out 3 Choir but missing the North Repenter and the central Devout. Pop Mini-Feat
– Reckoners move up and destroy both Vigilants and the second Dervish (leaving Darrell with 2 Devouts, a Templar, and 2 Repenters)

IMG_20160505_202338 IMG_20160505_202354 IMG_20160505_202349 IMG_20160505_202342
Protectorate, Turn 3

– Loads of free Focus. Upkeep Synergy.
– Ad-Raza moves up and casts Mobility
– Gorman drops Smoke to block LoS to Ad-Raza
– South Devout charges the closest Bastion, hitting and killing it (Synergy = 1)
– South Repenter hits a Bastion with its Flail (Synergy = 2) but doesn’t kill it.
– North Repenter goes B2B with the flag and sprays over a bunch of Zealots: gets 5 under the spray, misses 2 and hits 3
– Other Devout charges Zealots, hits once (Synergy = 3)
– Aiyana and Holt move up, and a Vassal gives “Enliven” to the Templar

IMG_20160505_204119 IMG_20160505_204134 IMG_20160505_204132 IMG_20160505_204124

Menoth, Turn 4

– More free Focus, and extra Focus to the Reckoner closest to the Templar
– Choir sings Battle
– Zealots shift around a bunch to lock in the Templar and lob a few grenades, killing 1 more Choir but missing everything important (yay…)
– Bastions charge the South Devout, inflicting light damage
– Reckoner moves into the South Devout and Repenter: scraps the Repenter, but leaves the Devout on a few boxes
– Other Reckoner charges the Templar, leaving it on a several boxes
– Devout charges the Templar, hits and leaves it on a few boxes
– Vassals Ancillary both Reckoners: still fail to kill the Devout, but destroy the Templar
– Durst moves up, casts Deceleration again, pulls from a Wrack, B2B with a Reckoner
IMG_20160505_205539 IMG_20160505_205555 IMG_20160505_205548 IMG_20160505_205544
Protectorate, Turn 4

– Free Focus, upkeep Synergy
– Devouts, Repenter, and Vigilant all hit nearby targets, getting the Synergy chain up to 4
– Gorman moves up and lobs a Blind Grenade at the Reckoner B2B with Durst. It hits and blinds it, Durst, and a Vassal
– Aiyana and Holt advance and Aiyana casts Kiss of Lyliss on Durst, hitting him
– Ad-Raza charges Durst, hitting with the initial swing and inflicting 12 points of damage (dice-2). Second blow hits and kills!

Victory to the Protectorate (and Darrell, more specifically)!

IMG_20160505_210731 IMG_20160505_210752 IMG_20160505_210748 IMG_20160505_210741

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