Podcast 121 – Menoth Megasode!

Yet again, Nick and I sat down for 4 hours to discuss a Faction… this time we dragged Darrell and his Menoth loving butt into the ‘cast as well!

Got four hours to listen to a sermon all about the God of Man? I mean, since the alternative is being burned to a crisp, I’d vote “Yes”, but it is your choice after all…

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0 thoughts on “Podcast 121 – Menoth Megasode!

  1. Marc buddy, what stuff were you smoking this episode buddy, Kreoss1 is an A caster, Sevey 1 is an A to A- caster, and Harbinger is a B- to C+ caster and Feora 2 is likely a C to C- caster. I dis agree with a lot more of these then I ever thought i would, it’s crazy these ratings holy crap, lol.

    • Wow… Feora as a C caster!? Really? I mean, it’s certainly not impossible, but Escort is incredible, Ignite is incredible, Firestarter is incredible, her Feat is solid against a lot of opponents, Caustic Presence is incredible with HoJ…

      I have fire-tinted goggles, I admit, but she really looks fantastic to me! Better than Kreoss1, although perhaps not by a huge amount.

      And Sevy1 as an A!? Really!? I mean, he was always good, but THAT good? He’s too fragile… make him 14/16 and we’ll talk.

      • What ignite? she lost it bud, she has no hit buff, she has no damage buff, she has an ok speed buff and a very poor status inducing buff. She has fallen and is not the caster she once was. sorry to say.

      • Also ask me how fragile Doomey was behind a wall, that’s sevey all the time with a vigilant, hurt him with blast? it has gurded, he can also have vision on himself which doesn’t proc on the first damage roll, but the damage roll of your choice, he’s awesome. And let me just say this, in a world of gun lines, his hit more reliably and harder.

      • Ah, I did miss that eFeora lost Ignite (not a huge deal, but tragic nonetheless). And Vigilants are so ridiciulous/awesome these days!

        Vision is pretty awesome, and pSevy is pretty awesome overall (+1/+1 natively is just sooo gooooood). And very different from eSevy, who is ALSO awesome! Gah.

        I think you’re right about eFeora, though… without Ignite, her only real contribution to the fight is Fire Starter (which is GOOD… on Judicators…), and Escort (which is always awesome, but if you want faster warjacks you’re unquestionably better off with Amon!).

        Tragic. I love(d) eFeora… maybe Feora3 will be all she was, and more?

        Thanks for the feedback, as always!

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the podcast, I did still agree with several of them, such as Durst and Reznik1. I look forward to merc’s.

    • How dare you do anything but completely and blindly agree with everything we said!? ^_^

      We absolutely always welcome feedback, and it’s good to know what other people think about the Factions as we do them.

      We may have to do an episode (in several months) devoted to all the things we reviewed horribly, horribly incorrectly! But until then, thanks for listening!

  3. Good episode and I agree with a lot of your assessments until you got to the casters. You ended up covering them pretty well but maybe over valued a few of the lesser tier ones and definitely undervalued Sevvy1. This might have been because he came up early and you didn’t do a “ranking” list but he ended up being like a bottom 3 caster in the faction? That is ludicrous.

    Otherwise, great work guys and I enjoyed listening to it.

    • Thanks for the feedback!

      Sevy is an interesting one. My original impression was that he was as middle of the road as they come (the role he used to play in Mk2): fragile, buffs a lot of stuff, good synergy but dies to a stiff breeze. The more I look at him though, the stronger he appears: Vision keeps him pretty safe, his buffs are powerful (and Eye of Menoth being native/automatic can’t be overstated), and he should rank much higher than I placed him.

      Part of the problem is Nick’s insistence that everything be a “B”-range warcaster, and Darrell’s playstyle being so aggressive (and therefore leaning towards face-mashers as higher grades, like the Rezniks or Durst over more synergistic warcasters like Harby or the Sevys).

      He’s definitely not bottom tier in Menoth. I’m struggling to think of who is, though… they’re all strong, unlike (for example) Constance, who is clearly still the worst warcaster in Cygnar. Maybe eFeora (tragically!)?

      • yeah, Sevey1 wasn’t middle of the road in Mark II either though, He died yes, but he died no easier then harby did, and now he’s way harder to kill then harby. Think about it, harby stands within 10″ of her front line, hurting herself, she’s on a large base making her very hard to screen her and she has the same 14/14 sevey does.
        Now look at sevey and see he’s a small base who needs to be within 16″ of his front line, has no reason to ever take damage and can make it so he completely ignores 1 whole damage roll and gets up to 16/16 with def ward, compared to 16/14 with awe when awe does anything at all. Face it marc, Harby is now low-ish tier, Her feat was that big a deal. It was back braking, and now it’s basically pointless.

      • Hmm, I think Sevy1 (much like Stryker1) was very C-grade (in the strict sense that C-grade means “middle of the warcasters in the Faction”). Toolboxy, few great matchups, few really weak ones (Sevy struggled against Lylyth2, for example, but Stryker1 struggled against Anatomical Precision, Corrosion, and Stationary…). That’s not to say there weren’t great lists you could play with them (I LOVED playing Sevy with Blessing, Errants, Redeemers, and a Judicator… POW10 blast damage is hilarious…), but more that they were perfectly average. Unlike, say, Harby, who would face-mash a lot of enemies straight-up (Trolls? Yeah, g’luck with that…), but had a few really, really weak matchups to “balance” her.

        Now, Mk3… Harby is… gah, I don’t know. She’s still THEORETICALLY a great support caster, Martyrdom is no weaker, and there are lots of good shield guards (take her with Vilmon, for example… if the Shield Guard shot kills him, Martyr him and repeat… she’s still probably happier with a Devout, though). But her Feat… gah… it’s so hard to remember how good her Feat was and then switch mental gears to how *different* her Feat is.

        I still think she’s probably better than average by a healthy margin. And against SOME Horde lists, she’s worth her weight in gold (DEF14 warjacks? Yes please!). But she’s definitely not the S-tier, Top-3-warcasters-in-the-game she was.

        And that’s not a bad thing. But it is a thing.

      • As someone who has his best success with Sevey1 over any other caster, he force multiplies harder then anyone, everyone would go, “how is that gun pow 17” or “they’re def 17 armor 19?!” Trust me, Sevey1 in MARK II was among the top 5 casters in menoth, not middle of the road at all. How is his 14/14 so much worse then Harbie’s 14/14 when we’re talking about a small base you can hide vs a large base you couldn’t? well her feat made it so even GUN troops couldn’t get in range of her to shoot her were of course they could with Sevey1. I had a MUCH easier time keeping sevey a live over harbinger in either addition, but especially now. Sevey1 is a great caster, he was never middle of the road, and if you thought that way, you never really faced a good sevey player, and you likely only thought harbinger was soo much better because she was all over the national meta, and while I think that’s true, it’s because she was a senario monster, “you can only get into the senario with multi wound troops and heavies. Your mulit wound are now softened up for me to kill and your heavies are either in kill range or will simply be slammed out, now i’m up in senario.” this all hinged on her feat however. and it’s not a “thing” any more. not to mention over boosting isn’t a way out for her anymore.

        Sorry to say this marc, but you really got to play some mark 3 menoth to really know where this is coming from. But I say this not to make you feel bad, but so you can understand, and I’ve tried to lay out my points clearly with out trying to put you down, I hope it comes across that way, Some times text can only be read harshly and that isn’t how i intend it.

      • All good! I appreciate the feedback, and I certainly could be wrong! Even in Mk2 I only played Sevy1 casually (my “go to” pair was Harby-eFeora).

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