Podcast 123 – They Grow Up So Quickly! New Warcaster Discussion

So last weekend was GenCon, and like many of you out there we were super excited about the new warcasters released at the event (the “grown up” version of the Journeypeople warcasters).

Nick and I couldn’t wait to discuss them… so we didn’t! This is back to our usual 1 hour podcast format. The question on everyone’s mind… which are the best!?

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I’ll give you a hint, folks: Nick and I agree about the best, the worst… and almost nothing else.

Obviously, I think Nick is wrong, but he’s not insane… but you can listen and decide for yourself!

Let us know what you think!

0 thoughts on “Podcast 123 – They Grow Up So Quickly! New Warcaster Discussion

      • Oh heavens, nobody said it was good!
        “We’re going to take over this town, for no good reason, to eventually destroy it!”
        “Why not just destroy it immediately…”
        “So that we can kill all the rich people first!”
        “Wouldn’t they all die if you destroyed it immediately?”
        “… but so would the poor.”
        “So you’re going to evacuate them before destroying the town?”
        “Bane? Still there buddy?”

  1. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for a great podcast; Myself and the rest of my gaming group are just starting out with WMH and listening to your 4-5 hour episodes on the factions is a terrific way to get a feel for everything in the armoury for each faction.

    I’m wondering about your comment about Trenchers and Reposition 3″ in the end of the above episode; if you center a 3″ template (3″ = 76.2mm) on a 30mm base it means that the distance from the edge of the template to the edge of the base is (76.2mm – 30mm)/2 = 38.1mm. To clear this area you need to move the model 38.1mm + 30mm for the base which is a total of 68.1mm, i.e. about 1/3″ shorter than the 76.2mm you are allowed to move with reposition. This should mean that the trick with Tactical Supremacy still works.


    • Sorry, messed up the distances, it should be:

      Template: 76.2mm
      Base: 30mm
      Template edge to Base edge: (76.2mm – 30mm) / 2 = 23.1mm
      Need to clear: 23.1mm + 30mm = 53.1mm
      Remaining move: 76.2mm – 53.1mm = 23.1mm

      So you need just more than 2″ movement to clear the template, which leaves a bit less than 1″ of the reposition move.

      • Hey Daniel! Thanks for the kind words and for listening!
        I’m just going to conduct a quick experiment downstairs with my small based models and 3″ AoEs… one sec…

        You are, of course, correct. A 3″ reposition move on a small based model in a 3″ AoE does allow it to clear the cloud (whereas a 2″ move does not). Yay math! So that’s good news for Trenchers and Haley3! Although cloud wall’s a little less powerful these days because of how many Factions have access to them… they’re still really good.

        Thanks for the catch!

  2. Hello,
    I liked the podcast, but I think you heavily underestimated Malakov feat.
    Basically his feat can be read “Your battlegroup is immortal for a turn”, and I can’t see how it can be “the worst feat in the game”.
    With Malakov feat, every time a jack is hitten, he can just walk away and make the opponent waste his attacking piece activation. A piece can do it multiple times in a single turn, has not to fear free strikes (parry) and can’t be blocked knocking it down.
    Basically, the only way to kill a jack (or Malakov itself) during the feat turn is to totally block putting models in his back arc (hard things since free strikes), and even that can be fixed if Malakov puts his Veil of Mist near the model, so it can simply walk over the enemy models.

    I could understand some doubts on other things like battle plans (even if backstab on something like Greylord Outriders for full boosted sprays is scary), but the feat is pretty amazing.
    You can just run your battlegroup in the face of the enemy, feat knowing that they are almost immortal, and then proceed to smash him the next turn.

    • Thanks for the feedback and opinion! I admit that it makes your opponent work a bit harder to kill his warjacks (sort of like a CTRL-range Admonition), but remember that in order to stop it, you just need 2 infantry models tucked to either side of the warjack. They don’t need to be completely in the back arc, just part of them needs to be past the midline. It can be a bit of a threat extender if you encourage your opponent to shoot your warjacks (so they can walk forward), which is good, because Malakov’s CTRL range is small enough that if he’s using the Feat for melee attacks he might be in a lot of trouble.

      That stated: it doesn’t make your warjacks hit harder, it doesn’t make them survive charging Infantry (unless your opponent is bad), and it doesn’t make them hit more accurately. At best, you run Malakov with a big battlegroup and use it as a bit of a time-lock (for a turn your opponent just sends in enough to contest flags/zones and moves everything back, like a super-weak Haley2 Feat), but aside from Escort making his warjacks a bit faster, he doesn’t DO anything for a big battlegroup!

      Remember, there’s no such thing as a truly “bad” warcaster. All of them will have a situation or matchup that they’re incredible into. Even poor Connie has those games where her opponent has nothing to deal with her toolbox, and she FACE SMASHES into those games. But her and Malakov have the same problem: they don’t really do much except be a liability, and their Feat is too selective to always be useful. At least Connie supports her army a bit (Morrow’s Blessing is good, if somewhat risky).

      But Malakov? Eeyah. I’m glad you like him! And hey, you might be completely right. It might be much better than we think! Here’s hoping!

      Thanks for commenting!

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