Podcast 124 – Khador Megasode!

It’s about time we got around to talking about every single model in Khador. Yes, even that one.
Actually, technically we don’t discuss Malakov2 again. We’ve already talked about that dude way more than he deserves.

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So, one quick note: somewhere during the recording, we lost the ranking of Butcher3.

Spoilers for those unaware:
He’s an A+. Possibly an S. He’s fantastic. He’s better than fantastic. At least, he terrifies both Nick and I. So there ya go!

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  1. I’m only about 30min into the podcast right now, but I did want to point out one thing, the rule for Evasive has changed. In MK2, I think it was move 2″ on a missed attack. According to Warroom, it is now “When this model is hit by enemy ranged attack, after attack is resolved this model can advance up to 2”.

    It worked for Black Ivan in MK2, cause he was a dancing Def:12… in MK3 he’s back to the standard Def:10, but being able to move after being shot seems alright. Personally, I like Black Ivan for that Rat 5 (and boosted with Hark).

    • Somebody pointed it out on the Khador forums as well. You’re right, both Nick and I got that rule completely wrong! It’s not great, but may be better in its current iteration. Especially if he gets Sprayed once by Typhon and then walks out of range…

      Either way, yes! Evasive on him is much better than expected!

      • Just finishing off the rest of the podcast now, as its so long Im unable to finish it in a work day, but I am enjoying these 🙂 I do find it funny that you guys laughed at Torch with sprint due to spd 4, but glossed over the fact that Strakov has Superiority. A speed 6 Torch with Sprint, I think is legit. We’ve been watching Stalkers do it for years (and can’t wait to try it out)

      • Okay, SPD6 Sprint is better.

        Basically, Khador warjacks are good. Some are better than others, but they’re all good.

        Except the Spriggan. Seriously, WTF.

    • Huh. They used to list more than just the last 10 episodes, but apparently they’ve changed that policy.

      You can download the eps direct from here (right click, “Save As” on the Direct Download link), but I’ll try to figure out why iTunes is showing such a limited number. That doesn’t seem right.

      • Ah, I think I got it. Won’t let me do *EVERYTHING*, but it should let everything up to 150 episodes be visible on iTunes.

        Should fix itself in the next day or two, I hope! Thanks for the catch, didn’t realize it was an issue!

  2. Just want to say good job on all the faction pods. Have listened to all of them and as a new player i find them great to get a overview of it all.

    And Id love to see some sort of general tactics pod that is mostly directed to new players.

    ps. Got to love marks distinct Ha-Ha-Ha laughing between jokes and statements.Should put that on a shirt

    • *blush*

      Thanks for listening! Glad you’re enjoying them! I’ll talk to Nick about doing a general tactics podcast when he gets back from New Zealand in a few weeks! Excellent suggestion!

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