Podcast 135 – Minion Full Faction Review! Bacon And Eggs!

Ah, the last of the Factions is now done. And it was a lot of fun to review!
And they do look way better than they used to be. Still somewhat limited in unit selection, but the ones they have seem awfully good…


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And with that, we are *done* all the Factions! Feels good, feels good.
At least until Privateer Press officially releases the NEW Hordes Faction… until then, we are back to doing batreps!
Thanks for listening, let us know what we got wrong/right!

2 thoughts on “Podcast 135 – Minion Full Faction Review! Bacon And Eggs!

  1. Great review as usual! A few thoughts:

    Gatormen Posse got a few extra notches of nerf than you discussed. They lost a point of MAT, the Predator’s Prayer became a prayer choice rather than an innate ability, and they lost March as a prayer, so no more access to pathfinder without outside help. I do still think they have a place, particularly with Maelok or Helga as an anvil unit, but I can see why the stack of nerfs can be discouraging to some

    About magnetizing the Blackhide kit: It’s a little complicated, but it works. Arms, head, and tail are just fine; the hard part is the back piece, because the torso is hollow, but if you fill it in with something and stick a magnet on top it works out.

    I love Jaga-Jaga, and I don’t think she’s bad, but she suffers from the meta very badly. In MKII, I played her as a gunline, feating turn 2 to jam the opponent’s AD models into their second wave of infantry, and winning on scenario as they spent a turn killing their own models. Dark Shroud almost never came up. But without multiple units of infantry, she definitely loses value.

    30 Razor Boars under Midas is also a potential 780 boxes to get through, for the extreme maximum XD

    • Thanks for the feedback!
      On Midas + 30 Razor Boars: HA! That’s hilarious.
      Good? I don’t know. But HILARIOUS.

      Good points on the Posse. They seem pretty okay, really. And they’re not trivial to shoot off the table even with Sloan (although, as with all things, she’ll do it given enough time). But they don’t hold a candle compared to Brigands… which isn’t the same as saying they’re BAD.

      Anyway! Jaga-Jaga seems interesting, but I agree with you about her place in the current meta. But it does seem to be shifting back towards more infantry (mostly to handle Mad Dogs and Sloan, I think). So who knows?

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