Podcast 136 – A Battle Report! Woo! Caine2 vs Horgle2

Hey, did you guys know we do batreps? We do! Used to be almost all we did… but it’s been a few months (at least), and man, did it feel good to get back into the groove of these things…


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So, for this battle, I was trying out a relatively mediocre Caine2 list, but I was happy with it overall:

Captain Allister Caine
– Reinholdt
– Ace
– Gallant
Harlen Versh
Arlen Strangewayes
Journeywoman Warcaster
– Firefly
Storm Lances (max)
Trenchers (min)
– Officer and Sniper

Overall, a solid list, but there are a lot of options here. One such option is to get Laddermore in there (she helps the Lances SO MUCH, and is ridiculously cheap for what she brings to the table), and/or Taryn for a few more Shadow Fire options. Maybe dropping the Trenchers for some other (cheaper?) unit is also an option… anyway, I liked it for a first-time Mk3 Caine list!

Darrell’s list was as follows:

Horgle the Anvil
– Runebearer
– Bomber (proxied by a Mauler)
– Mountain King (proxied by a Blight Bringer)
Champions (max)
– Skaldi
– Sorcerer
Krielstone (min)
Northkin Fire Eaters (x2)

There’s a lot of flexibility in here too, and Darrell is still trying to land on a list he really likes.

As for the battle itself… (as summerized by Nick)

Lance’s on North flank,  Caine with battle group in middle. Firefly and Jr to the South,  trenches on South flank and rangers in Middle.

Mk in middle. horgle to the south with stone, bomber and Moses.  Champs on North flank.  Fire eaters in front of horgle

Lances,  rangers,  Ace, Gallant, and Trenches move up.  Bullet Dodger goes on Gallant.


Krielstone walks up. Moses lights Fire Eaters and 1 grunt on fire.
Mountain King moves up and shouts a Ranger to death.
Horgle puts up Solid Ground and puts Inviolable Resolve on the Champs
Fire Eaters run into the trench.  Fire Eaters run into the southern zone.
Champs charge forward.


Trenchers charge in and kill 2 Fire Eaters in the zone.
Gallant charges into the Fire Eaters in the trench and kills 2 of them.
Rangers walk up to apply Mark Target and takes shots. Doing 2 damage to one Champ.
Lances walk up and shoot. Do 2 pts of damage to 4 different Champs and reforming back.
Reinholdt reloads.
Caine walks up and shoots engaged Fire Eater in the trench: fails to kill with boosted POW12 (dice-1, rolls a 4). Misses 2nd shot and hits Gallant doing 4 damage. Shoots the Fire Eater in the zone and misses.
Firefly moves up, boosts a shot at Fire Eater in the zone. Misses (needed an 11).
Ace walks back and shoots the Fire Eater in the zone. And kills.
Harlan walks up and does nothing (needs 14 to hit engaged Fire Eater in the Trench).
Jr runs toward the Lances, leaving the Firefly out of her CTRL.


Fire kills Krielstone grunt.
Runebearer shoots fire spell into Trenchers. Scatters on 1 guy, fails to kill but lights him on fire.
Fire Eater attacks Gallant and misses.
Gallant Dodges back 2″ from Bullet Dodger
Horgle put Firestarter on Bomber.
Champs run/charge. Sorcerer kills a Ranger with a spell. Everything else runs.
Bomber walks up and shoots at Trenchers.  Hits 6: 1 fails tough, other 5 all pass.
MK moves up and sprays Harlan and misses.
KS moves up and gives ARM-buff.


2 Trenchers survive the fire. Caine gives 1 to Gallant, upkeeps Bullet Dodger and Heightened Reflexes (on himself).
Reinholdt reloads.
Arlan moves up and gives Focus to Firefly.
Firefly runs to North side of the table.
Ace aims at the last Fire Eater and kills it.
Gallant gets free Focus from Versh. Charges MK, doing below average damage and spawning 3 Whelps.
Rangers swing ineffectually at Champs.
Lances charge into Champs, killing 3
Caine moves up and Tricks Shots off the Mountain King into the Krielstone Bearer. Kills twice, and Darrell Toughs twice. Third shot applies Grievous to the Bomber. Gate Crashes away.
Harley walks into the zone and shoots the Bomber. 2 shots, both hit, for no damage.
Rupert give Lances tough.
Trenchers do 3man crazy into Bomber for piddly damage. Sniper kills the Krielstone Bearer, who self-sacs off onto one of the Grunts.
1-0 Cygnar


Bomber moves up and kills Harlan and 2 Trenchers.
Champs flailing ineffectually at Lances. Kill 1.
Horgle puts rage on MK.
Runebear misses with fire spell at the Sniper.
Stone charges into zone. Misses the Sniper.
Whelps surround Gallant to prevent him Dodging away.
MK walks up and Headbutts Gallant to the ground. Then kills Gallant.


Trenchers die to fire, leaving only the Sniper.
Lances charge and kill all but 1 Champ.
Firefly kills last one to clear zone.
Caine gets reloaded and moves into the southern zone and Feats. He kills the Bomber. Buys a shot on the Krielstone and Trick Shots into Moses to clear the zone… about a second after clocking out.

Victory to Trolls!


Final Thoughts:

So close! Oh well… it wasn’t a super competitive game anyway (a few take-backsies on both sides!… mostly my side… okay, ALL my side, but still!). I am again impressed by how much Caine gets to dictate the speed and flow of the game… if only I was faster with him!

I like this list enough, although I wouldn’t say it’s great. Next time gonna try and get in Laddermore for sure, since those Lances having POW16 Assault shots is pretty ridiculous!

Anyway! Thanks for reading and/or listening! We really appreciate!

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