Podcast 145 – Retribution Tournament Analysis!

What a time to be alive, folks. Kassem is recording his own podcasts, discussing lists and strategy for Skorne, and I’m absolutely fascinated to hear how it turns out… but in the meantime, we still have our regular Combo Smite episodes!

This week, we jump into a full analysis of Nick’s recent tournament results with Retribution and the two lists he brought to the table. Some really weird time-warp going on here, with News and Announcements and New Zealand and all sorts of stuff, but hopefully everyone enjoys it!

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6 thoughts on “Podcast 145 – Retribution Tournament Analysis!

  1. hey, enjoying all your casts, keep it up!
    With regard to the Hydra, did the idea of putting it on the Artificer come up? It still gets Shield Guard, so you can divert a shot to it, it gains a focus from it, and then the Drive from the Artificer regenerates the shields. Plus with Take Aim (I think) the Hydra can get to pow17 on the gun? Seems worth a look 😛

      • Thinking about it some more, it also helps with the pillowfisted-ness odd the hydra with the Crush order. It isn’t perfect, as you’d lose access to Power up and rhythm of war, but it’s worth testing- it’s certainly something I plan to look into

      • You lose hand of Destruction on the hydra as well, mind… so it’s definately a side-grade rather than up or down, I think

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