Podcast 148 – Ontario Team Championships 2017

Ah, the annual OTC. A great time for WarMachine, and a wonderful opportunity to record a metric crap-tonne of battle reports! This episode Nick and I talk about our battles, and we’re planning on getting the rest of the team in a later episode!


For our American listeners, conversion from metric crap-tonnes to Imperial crap-tonnes is approximately 1.47.

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8 thoughts on “Podcast 148 – Ontario Team Championships 2017

  1. Pathfinder in Cygnar (especially in Storm Division) = Maddox. Although, I’m not sure if she is “playable” as I haven’t tried her yet.

    • Ooh, I forgot about Maddox… she’s actually not half bad.

      I mean, she’s not Stryker/Haley/Sloan/Nemo good, but then again, almost nothing is. And she’s certainly not bad!

    • They’ve changed the final standings since we recorded.

      Francesco’s Angels
      Kraft Singles
      Rust (I OWE YOU DICE!)
      Black Knight Games Prime

      Mistakes happen!

  2. Quick comment on Nick’s Khador game, The Man-o-War officer grants assault. Sturdy (no push/pull) is a ‘Tactics’ and doesn’t go away by killing the officer.

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