Podcast 178 – Dynamic Update is Dynamic and Up To Date!

This week, a relatively short podcast discussing the November Dynamic update.

Mostly because ATGM. Let’s be honest, it’ll be nice for them to be semi-useful again. I am happy about that!

Anyway, give it a listen, let us know what you think!

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8 thoughts on “Podcast 178 – Dynamic Update is Dynamic and Up To Date!

  1. Welp, you made my work night by name dropping, thanks! Now for a reward I’m going to see what’s on your store (which you should rep since the present giving days are a comin)

    • D’aw, thanks! Means a tonne to us!

      And you’re right, I should remind people about the amazing products we have available for purchase through the easily-reached, easy to use Combo Smite Store!

  2. Funny enough, I just used the Gun Mages last week in a fight (not knowing about the update) against Kaelyssa. I was surprised to find the Mini feat on there, and it worked out quite well in separating the sentinels so I had a rollers chance to kill them with my POW 10’s… (still won the game on scenario).

    • Hmm? I thought the mini-Feat just let them ignore Friendly Models for LoS?

      Whichever it is, I’m much happier with the new mini-Feat. And the new B13. Just happier in general, really! Go Cygnar!

      Good to see you commenting again! Welcome back!

      • I think that is how their mini feat used to work. I guess this update came through War Room before Thursday last week (I really haven’t been paying attention to cid), as now the gun mages mini feat gives them true sight.

        And yeah, I have been away from the game for a little bit. Needed a little break.

  3. Can’t Holy Zealots returned with mini-feat also activate in the same turn? I’ve seen people return them aim and throw bombs. The description of the mini-feat also doesn’t mention that they have to sac anything.

    • Good call! There are only a few Return to Play abilities that allow that (most require you to sac something), so that’s more valuable, certainly!

      I’m still a little concerned, though. It’s really hard to keep the Monolith Bearer safe in a lot of situations… some warcasters can do it, obviously (Harby, d’uh), but it’s so high-risk-medium-reward. But I’m mostly bitter that they don’t have their old (amazing) mini-Feat.

  4. That is true. The bearer does have Sacrificial Pawn [Holy Zealot] so that does help on the approach. I’m definitely going to try them out, at the very least they can be some cheap chaff to trigger Hand of Vengeance and power the Sanctifiers.

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