Podcast 180 – ATC “Analysis”… Well, ATC Talk At Least!

Thanks for your patience, everyone! We are back, and super excited to be talking WarMachine again!

This week, we do a bit of analysis on the ATC… just discussing numbers, thoughts, and lists.

Hopefully everyone enjoys it! It’s a bit longer than usual, which I would love to claim was intentional, but really, it’s just us being excited about WarMachine!

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 180 – ATC “Analysis”… Well, ATC Talk At Least!

    • Good to be back!

      I have heard of the mythical Derp Turtles, but I’ve never played against one. Nick says they’re good, and I trust him.

      Battle Engines seem to finally be getting the love and respect they deserve… although, as a Storm Strider player, obviously I had one of the best 3 BE in the game up to now anyway.

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