Podcast 187 – OTC Results Discussion

Well, the OTC has come and gone. And while we, as a team, didn’t do great (Top 24 isn’t a thing, right?), we did have some great games, some really educational matchups, and a handful of learning experiences.

Come, listen to Kassem, Nick, and I talk about what we learned! It’s a good long podcast, perfect for a lazy Monday morning!

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10 thoughts on “Podcast 187 – OTC Results Discussion

  1. Nice report, was it only 4 rounds because you dropped, got a bye, the building fell in?

    Also, Mark, you keep talking in various podcasts about how you have beyond FA of lots of models in Cygnar and Protectorate. Have you ever considered selling some? Unless you want to sneak across the boarder to mail it, I’m probably not able to buy any but…. Just saying, seems like there’s a simple solution to your problem.

    Also, I find Kassems lists fascinating. Honestly I’d have put that fatty list in the trash, so I’m bemused by its 4 wins.

    • I couldn’t stay for the 5th round since my partner was in Toronto studying and needed to head home (plus I was driving 2 other players with me, who also dropped the last round). The rest of the team had a discussion about whether to stick around for Round 5, but decided to do dinner instead.

      I’m still not going to sell my over-FA models for Protec or Cygnar (yet)… there are potentially situations that will increase the FA on those, and while I currently have no need for 3 units of Precursor Knights (or, you know… 1 unit of Precursor Knights), who knows what tomorrow might bring?

      I don’t mind owning them. I mind not having time to PAINT them. Different problem.

      I also find Kassem’s skill with his lists to be bewildering. He’s good, and getting better all the time. I’m still not convinced he’s a legit threat because he tends to run pure-jank when left to his own devices, but still! Compared to how he used to play, he’s gotten way better. And that Rasheth list was unstoppable… although how much of that is due to the team format, I couldn’t say.

      Thanks for the comments, as always!

      • To add on to the team format: It really is a poor measure of what is ‘strong’ per say. It encourages skews which means people run into bad match ups more frequently in this format. I designed my Jalaam list as what I would consider a balanced generalist list but really struggled to find a pairing I could comfortably drop him into due to that. Rasheth ironically was more generalist than Jalaam unintentionally due to the format. The other factor to take into account is, while I told Marc to throw me under the bus, the other teams might have been throwing one of their players under the bus to face me to try to get better match ups for the rest of their team.

        I have a hunch that the Masters at the SOO this year will be a similar story due to the triad format so I am going to make 3 skew lists lol.

  2. Hey, Nate here, I played Todd in round 4. Just wanted to say that while I did get a clean scenario win, I didn’t start scoring until top of 3, at least. All I did turn two was trade two Vengers for two Gremlin Swarms. Round 3 I scored 4 without giving him any good place to trigger an arcana, with Ashlynn’s feat up in the middle of the table, which put me up enough to win. Turns out Thorn gun mages are really good at getting heavies out of zones!

  3. hi, just started listening to your cast. Some interesting stuff covered, cheers. I had issues though with volume balance between the podcasters – one was much louder than the others so i had to turn it right up to hear everyone. Is this a mike placement issue or natural speaking volumes?

    • It’s a combination of factors (different mics, different mic distances, different recording sensitivities). I try to correct for it during editing, but it sometimes refuses to edit cleanly.

      It should be significantly less of a problem going forward, but sorry about the weird audio levels in this one! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  4. Hey team Combo Smite! Long time fan, haven’t dropped a comment in a while but I’ve been listening still!

    Great to hear you guys had fun, team tournaments really are the best!

    Couple of things: for Kassem, do you know what kind of models don’t care about blind (Old Witch2 vs siege animatarax)? Eyeless sighted ones. You did have an extoller in that list right? Just a tip for next time 😉
    I like Nick’s list, but I think he needs Anastasia in there to really bring home the scenario lead
    Marc I like your inclusion of Thunderhead – how’s he working out for you?
    Cheers guys!

    • Hey Bennep! Thanks for dropping by for a comment again!

      Thunderhead is *neat*… I’m not sure he’s *good*, but I’m really loving him. He won me a game against Kassem last week (You know what Jalaam’s Feat hates? Auto-hitting, RoF3 attacks, that’s what!), and he’s certainly earned his points more times than not. He’s pretty sturdy, can take a few hits and dole out a significant amount of damage, either at range or in melee.

      Is he better than 2 min units of Storm Lances?… probably not. But I don’t own those, and unlike the Silverline, I haven’t regretted including him in the list! He’s fun!

    • Hey Bennep!

      I unfortunately do not have an extoller in that list. My Jalaam list had two of them and was meant to be dropped into cloud city and mass stealth lists.

      To add onto the thunderhead from my point. He looks like a strong scenario control piece. Being able to walk into a zone and basically wipe out most infantry within 6 inches of him and put some hurt into a bigger target with the follow up shots is pretty good

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