Podcast 198 – Tournaments n’ Stuff!

The Combo Smite crew did a couple tournaments! Different ones! We all learned things!

Plus we discuss the new Steamroller, and the Retribution CID. Because we’re all about that topical stuff…

Give it a listen! Hope you guys enjoy!

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Also, a quick thank you Marc-Andre and Chandler for your feedback about last week’s episode. We’ll bring up the points you mentioned next week when we record again. But thanks guys, I’m really flattered you listen!

6 thoughts on “Podcast 198 – Tournaments n’ Stuff!

  1. Hey guys! Great episode as usual! Your podcast is by faaaar the best wmh podcast around. On a side note, I’ve been listening to your faction reviews for sooo long, and so many times. I still listen to the most interesting and relevant ones to this day, but some of them are getting a tad bit dated. Would it be possible with a revisit or updated take/review of some of them? For my trolls would be super interesting, seeing how much has changed. Both on a tournament level and for more casual play. That would make my day, no year…or even life!=P considering how many times I’ve listened to it. Long post, thank you guys! Love and respect, peace! With regards, Markus from Sweden.

    • Thanks for listening! Although I would never dream to claim we’re the best podcast by a long shot, I am happy that people listen and enjoy the content.

      I’ll talk to Nick about a couple episodes “updating” the full Faction reviews. It’s certainly worth thinking about… even if we devote a single “regular” length episode to each Faction, it might be a worthwhile update.

      ANYway, thank you so much for your support! It means the world to all of us here, Markus!

    • Ooh, that’s a good question.
      I don’t think it will have the impact that Grymkin has continued to have, but there ARE a lot of people very excited about playing them. Problem is that they only have 2 warcasters for the foreseeable future, and the fastest way to kill interest in a Faction is a lack of good warcasters.

      Or in this case, ANY warcasters.

      So we’ll see if people are still excited in September and October, I guess! Both Nick and I are very curious, but I may or may not actually play them, since in my 10-person meta, we already have 2 Crucible Guard players!

      • I guess we will have the same kind of problem here. But I do think they might answer a lot of the old problems at least I face with cryx =P (in my five person meta) let’s hope they get some casters out in a foreseeable future.

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