Podcast 207 – List Dojo for Assassinations with Cygnar

Nick and I sit down to discuss lists for Cygnar built from the ground-up for assassination, because I’m not smart enough to keep multiple win-conditions in my mind at once.

Move in, shoot stuff dead, done.

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Lists and links to the Foodmachine site below the cut!

Captain Kara
– Minuteman x5
– Hunter x4
Lt. Allister Caine
– Ace
Aiyana & Holt
– Murdoch

– Squire
– Lancer
– Stormclad
– Firefly
Stormblade Captain
Storm Lances (max) x2
Stormblade Infantry
– Officer and Standard

Lukas (Manum Ops)
*Liberator x 2
Lynus and Edrea
Dragons Breath x 2
Max CGI + CA
Max Assault Troopers x 2

Foodmachine Link

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