Podcast 217 – OTC Tournament Wrap-Up!

Sorry for missing the last couple weeks, folks. Life has been pretty hectic around here, but we are again moving towards predictability and normalcy, so hopefully things will get back to our weekly (or NEARLY weekly!) schedule!

Who knows, we’re trying. Anyway, this week we discuss how Team Combo Smite did at the OTC! Great tournament talk with Nick, Kassem, and Jeremy! Hope you folks all enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 217 – OTC Tournament Wrap-Up!

  1. Hey gang, long time no post – glad you’re still active!

    At work now, but can’t wait to get home and hear about your OTC adventures. Hope it was a blast!

    Also side-question: with all the Ret changes and Garryth2 on the horizon, aren’t you tempted to go back to Ret, Nick? 😉

    • Hey Benoit! Good to hear from you, as always!

      I think Nick is as set into Crucible Guard as I am these days, but Ret was kinda his first love (after Dwarves… Nick doesn’t remember it, but he was a Dwarf-Merc Purist for about 6 months…). But after Adepticon, who knows? I will be sticking with my CG for the foreseeable future, but I only get in about 20-30 games a year, so that’s not as a big a deal, whereas Nick must play 50-75.

      Anyways, hope you enjoy the episode!

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