Podcast 064 – Aaron vs Darrell, Khador (eIrusk) vs Menoth (Kreoss3), Rumble at the Bottom of the Barrel



Not to be overshadowed by the Smogcon gargantuan preview videos, your friends here at Combo Smite are proud to bring you another battle report!  The new gargantuans range from a giant pokémon for Circle to a spiky fleshlight for Legion so you can choose whatever flavour you wish.

IMG_20150218_194533 copy

(Marc: Also, I think Darrell is being a little hard on himself… I would say “Rumble NEAR the Bottom of the Barrell” at worst… and who is Sasha Grey?)

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Sadly, there is no Sasha Grey Fleshlight (we’ll find you one Aaron -D-) for purchase so you’ll have to be satisfied with her superb and nuanced craft of acting in her various fields of thespianism. What are we doing? Right. Nerd shit.

Aaron, ever the perfectionist chose to field his favourite eIrusk list in an effort to solidify his game with the caster; either that or it was what was in his army bag.  The list is as follows:

Winter Guard (max)
Winter Guard UA
Kovnik Joe
Iron Fang Pikemen (max)
Iron Fang Pikemen UA
Iron Fang Kovnik
Man o’ War Shocktroopers (max)
Man o’ War Demo Corp (min)
Battle Mechaincs (min)
Battle Mechanic Officer

In an effort to gain further practice for the OTC (because Templecon sure as hell let me know I need it -D-), Darrell chose to field his Intercessor Kreoss list:

-Fire of Salvation
-Vanquisher x 2
Vassal of Menoth x2
Saxon Orrik
Choir of Menoth (min)
Exemplar Vengers (max)
Holy Zealots (max) with Monolith Bearer

Darrell’s plan for this game was to go for a scenario win as he’s been working on improving his scenario play and proper positioning. The Scenario played was Outflank.

IMG_20150218_193034 copy  IMG_20150218_193056 copy IMG_20150218_193108 copy

Darrell Turn 1

Aaron won the roll off and competitively chose the side with the comfortable chair because he’s a bastard.
-3Kreoss allocates one focus to each jack
-Vanquishers and Fire of Salvation run
-Saxon Orrik gives pathfinder to the Vengers then advances into the woods
-Hierophant advances and gives Harmonious Exaltation to Kreoss
-Choir advances and sings Passage
-Zealots sing Warding and run
-Kreoss does a ride-by, casts Holy Ward on the Vengers, Warpath and falls back
IMG_20150218_193605 copy

IMG_20150218_193611 copyIMG_20150218_193614 copy

Aaron Turn 1

– Pikemen advance in shieldwall
– Winter Guard advance with Bob and Weave order
– Kovnik Joe gives Tough and Fearless to the Winter Guard
– Devastator advances
– Shocktroopers run
– Demo Corp runs
– Battle Mechanics run
– Iron Fang Kovnik Runs

IMG_20150218_194523 copy IMG_20150218_194533 copy IMG_20150218_194545 copy

Darrell Turn 2

-The Hierophant advanced and Harmoniously Exalted Kreoss
-Saxon Orrik gave Pathfinder to the Exemplar Vengers and backed up a bit to maintain just over 3″ of forest between him and the enemy army
-Choir sang Battle on all of the jacks and adjusted position
-Vanquisher at the top of the photo, advanced into the zone and took a pot shot at the Iron Fang Pikemen and Winterguard hoping to scatter into them but failed.
-Vassal behind the same Vanquisher gave him an ancillary attack but it also missed.
-Fire of Salvation advanced
-Vassal advanced and put Enliven on Fire of Salvation
-Second Vanquisher advanced and took a shot at the Shocktroopers setting a couple of them on fire but was otherwise ineffectual.
-Kreoss pulled a focus off of the Wrack behind him (which exploded), did a ride-by and advanced to cast Ignite on the Vengers, before falling back behind the wall just outside his right zone.  He then cast Holy Ward on the Zealots
-Zealots sang Fervor, used their mini-Feat and advanced.  They threw some bombs at the Man-o-War but failed to achieve anything significant.
-The Exemplar Vengers charged the Iron Fang Pikemen and Winterguard in an effort to stall their advance. They managed to reduce the Pikemen unit to 8 members and failed to kill any Winterguard owing to tough rolls.

IMG_20150218_200156 copy IMG_20150218_200206 copy

IMG_20150218_200228 copy

Aaron Turn 2

Upkeeps Fire For Effect for free because of Sylys
Give one focus to Devastator
– Pikemen advance in shield wall
– fire with mortor but hit nothing
– Iron Fang Kovnik advance, gives Shield March to the Shocktroopers
– Shocktroopers advance in Shield Wall to engage the Zealots
– Demo Corps advances behind the Shocktroopers
– Battle Mechanics advance
– Kovnik Joe advances, gives Bears Strength to the Winter Guard
– Winter Guard Bob and Weave and advance, 5 do a CMA on a Venger doing 4 pts of damage
– Devastator runs forward
– Irusk casts Energizer for 2 to get within casting range for Battle Lust on the
Pikemen then advances to the right.
– Sylys advances to the right
– Pikemen charge but only 2 make the distance for the bonus and manage to kill all
5 Vengers
– Darrell scores a point (like a Boss -D-)

1 – 0 Protectorate

IMG_20150218_202158 copy  IMG_20150218_202218 copy IMG_20150218_202227 copy

Darrell Turn 3

-Kreoss upkeeps Holy Ward on the Zealots and gives 2 focus to the Vanquisher in his left zone
-Choir sings Battle on all the warjacks
-Hierophant adjusts position and Harmoniously Exalts Kreoss (that’s starting to sound dirty -D-)
-Vanquisher in the upper zone advances and takes a shot at the Winter Guard, managing to set a couple of them on fire
-The Vassal near the Vanquisher that just shot advances and gives it an Ancillary Attack that is equally ineffective.
-Kreoss pulls a focus off of the left most Wrack causing it to explode, casts Warpath and advances just into the zone to Dominate
-The second vanquisher charges into the Shocktroopers and kills with his Thresher attack, Warpathing Fire of Salvation over behind him.
-Fire of Salvation adjusts position.
-The zealots sing fervor, adjust position and throw bombs at the Shocktroopers and Demo corps but fail to achieve much (not surprisingly)

3-0 Protectorate

IMG_20150218_204242 copy IMG_20150218_204253 copy IMG_20150218_204318 copy

Aaron Turn 3

Upkeep Fire for Effect
– Kovnik Joe advances, gives Courage of Our Forefathers to the Winter Guard, takes a shot
at the Vanquisher does no damage
– Winter Guard Bob and Weave forward into the zone, do an 8 man CRA at Vanquisher and do medium damage, knocking out the Flame Belcher
– Pikemen get a charge/run order, 3 charge the Vanquisher (1 fails) and do Medium damage and the others spread out in the zone
– Mortor fires at a Vassal hitting and catching a choir member and Kreoss in the AOE, Kreoss receives no damage but the other 2 die
– Shocktroopers advance in Shield Wall and attack the Vanquisher, do light damage
– Demo Corps charge the Zealots, each do Back Swing attacks and kill 4
– Battle Mechanics advances and 1 repairs damage to a Shocktrooper
– Irusk advances and feats catching only 1 Vanquisher, Fire of Salvation and the Zealots
– Sylys advances near Irusk

IMG_20150218_210958 copyIMG_20150218_211017 copy IMG_20150218_211028 copy

Darrell Turn 4

-Kreoss upkeeps nothing, gives 3 focus to Fire of Salvation
-The Choir sing battle again, catching all of the warjacks
-The Remaining Vassal puts Enliven on Fire of Salvation
-Hierophant Harmoniously Exalts Kreoss
-Kreoss pulls a focus off of the remaining Wrack, causing it to explode and advances around the zone before using his FEAT.  He puts Ignite on Fire of Salvation, Holy Ward on the Vanquisher in the zone with him, Warpath on himself and attempts to put Death Ward on the Iron Fang Pikemen but fails.  He follows up by casting Crevasse on the Pikemen but fails to his again.
-The Zealots sing Fervor and flail ineffectually against the Man-o-War
-Vanquisher in the zone threshers against the Shocktroopers, killing one
-Fire of Salvation charges the Devastator but has some lackluster damage rolls so fails to do any significant damage
-Vanquisher in the zone with Kreoss kills more of the pesky Pikemen but fails to clear the zone.
-Darrell ends his turn at just under 2 min on his clock.

IMG_20150218_212553 copy

IMG_20150218_212604 copy IMG_20150218_212624 copy IMG_20150218_212629 copy

Aaron Turn 4

Upkeep Fire for Effect for free
– Winter Guard Bob and Weave and advance into further into the zone
– Devastator advances to the other side of Fire of Salvation and toes the zone
– Irusk advances and casts Battle Lust on the Shocktroopers
– everything else gets a run order and does nothing and am left with 7 seconds on my clock

IMG_20150218_213310 copy IMG_20150218_213341 copy IMG_20150218_213349 copy

Darrell Turn 4

Darrell “activates everything” and passes turn winning on Deathclock.  He could have played out his turn in an effort to clear the zone and dominate again, but as this was not a tournament game he and Aaron chose to finish the match.

Victory to the Protectorate.

Post Game Analysis

(Marc: A great grind, a fantastic game! Pity about the Deathclock ending, especially since there was still obviously a lot of game here… Aaron had to keep eIrusk safe and start clearing out zones, I think, but that stated, Darrell used his tools, including the clock, to maximum advantage! Thanks for listening, remember we love comments, questions, or criticisms to either the battle or the podcast overall… and both Nick and I have Twitter accounts that you all should follow to give us inflated senses of self worth!)

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