Still Waiting On that SOO Stuff… Us Included!

Hey folks! Nick and I are still trying to coordinate a time to record the next batch of podcasts. No shortage of stuff to talk about, but a shortage of time to talk about it!

Apologies for the longer delay than expected!

2 thoughts on “Still Waiting On that SOO Stuff… Us Included!

  1. SOO recording or do I need to show up with a bottle of Knob Creek to help you guys remember?
    Looking forward to your next Podcast.

    • Hey Colin! Thanks for dropping by!
      I’ve been trying to get a hold of Nick, but the guy has basically dropped off the radar since the SOO. I think he’s just taking some time for family and to reground himself.

      Hopefully he’ll be in touch soon, and we can get this show back on the road! ^_^

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