Strategy Street Episode 4!

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This week I touch a touchy subject? And go over some general tournament strategy and questions.

It’s a little different and hope you guys enjoy it. Back to normal next week!

4 thoughts on “Strategy Street Episode 4!

  1. Oh my gods… I WOULD say “Okie Dokie smokey…”

    Thanks for sharing, Kassem. It doesn’t forgive your sense of humour, but I really appreciate you talking about this stuff, regardless of the medium.

    And don’t worry about the 1-3 W/L. You pulled your weight. It was a pleasure to have you on the team, and an honour to have you on the podcast.

  2. Keep it up Kassem, although I am not familiar with your condition, I hope you get better. I follow every single batrep, always been a skorne player and you never quit on the faction…Keep it up man.

  3. Very brave of you to put it put there. I really appreciate alm the Skorne games and had hoped to see you at LVO. Hopefully at a future con 🙂

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