Kingdom of Paintnar – All Hail Haley!

Okay, so she’s not done yet, but she IS coming along nicely…


Here she is (laying down due to the way the lighting in my painting room works) after the silvers and whites, but before the golds. More pictures after a short message from our sponsors!
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Battle 029 – Mercenaries Vs. Skorne – Ashlynn Vs. Makeda2

This week I was matched up against Kassem and his Skorne Army. I am still getting my feet wet with Mercs and Kassem is usually trying weird stuff so this should be a good battle.IMG_3594

Can the Mercenary Freedom fighters of Aslynn D’lyse be victorious against the sadistic hordes of Skorne? Stay tuned!

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Painting for Hire – Alexia and the Risen

A small update. I finished painting these guys a few weeks ago but just completed the bases now.IMG_3511

Alexia and the Risen are a fantastic unit that may have been one of the primary reasons I felt the need to branch out from Searforge-only Mercs.  She is just such a versatile power piece that I could not wait to get her on the table. More photos in the post

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