Throw Momma from the Terrain 02 – Snow Job

Wow, you’re actually back to read another one of these tasty little terrain write ups.  Or maybe you didn’t catch the other one? A beautiful expose on how to make autumn terrain come to life. You should check it out because I’m telling ya, there’s lots of over arching plot points and continuity with these terrain posts.  You may get lost in the story if you start on post #2 sheesh!

Why am I even here? Oh ya, snow terrain!  Attempting to get close to my goal of owning various terrain of all different landscapes I decided to finally start a few winter pieces.  There’s a TON of ways to do snow and I’m sure they all look like snow. For the pieces I worked on I went with a technique that I feel gives a thicker, sometimes wetter looking snow effect.  Not all my winter terrain will share that look but for these rocks I really thought it fit.
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