Paintectorate of Menoth – Judicator Base, Part 2

So I’ve finished painting my Judicator, which means now I have to base the beast… I was pretty happy with how my Stormwall base turned out, and I love the opportunity to make detailed, beautiful bases on these huge models. Unfortunately, unlike my Stormwall, I had no idea *what* I was going to put on the base… I’m not a fan of the typical “temple floor mosiac” that is popular, nor do I find the usual desert-theme stuff very interesting… but I wanted something!

After awhile, I came up with the idea of having the Judicator standing in a lush, green field, and torching everything in front of it with the flamethrowers. This, I thought, would at least be visually striking, and hopefully not too complicated (unlike my “Stormwall striding out of a river”, which was a blast and turned out okay but was a PAIN to actually do!).

Step 1, already posted in my “Basically Basing” post from last week, was to cover the front half of the Judicator’s base in “crackle paint” and the back half in sand.

After doing this, it was time to get a bit of paint on there… the base of the “burnt and scorched earth” region is “Bloodstone”, awhile the lush area behind the Judicator is “Umbral Umber”
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