Terraining Day 07 – The So-close-to-being-finished-that-you-can-almost-taste-it Mythical City Board Part 5

Another update on this Work in Progress Table. All 4 quarters of it have now been base-coated.  1 has been fully painted, 1 just needs some minor touch ups, 1 needs all the detail painted and the last one still needs some modelling done to fill in a section of the board to count as a forest as well as all the detail painting.

IMG_2011IMG_2008IMG_2010  IMG_2012

Here are some of the finished sections that will fit into the square holes on the board.

The first is a ruined fountain that has some battle damage.IMG_2013 The second section is a bit of exposed sewer pipe that I showed some WIP of on here before.IMG_2014 This is a close up on some of the detail.IMG_2018This is a flat section that just has some detail work on it.IMG_2016

Here is a test layout showing the four boards with some inserts each section can be rotated or moved to make a wide variety of maps using the same components.IMG_2003

Terraining Day 03 – The Mythical City Themed table Part 1

I’ve been working on doing a city themed table on and off for the better part of a year.  The only thing mythical about it is the myth that I might ever finish it.  Its a bit of a complicated undertaking so its hard to work on it continuously for long periods of time.

Lately I’ve been getting some motivation (and more importantly, HELP) from my good friend Aaron and we’re closer than ever to having this bad boy finished.  I posting here some of the WIP shots. Continue reading