Podcast 108 – CaptainCon Wrap Up

Hello fine WarmaHorders! Or possibly HordeMachiners… both! Hi. How was your Valentine’s day? Would you all care for a little love from the world’s 2nd best WarMachine and Hordes podcast? Of course you would.


As promised, here is our wrap up episode from CaptainCon, including 6 games I (Marc) played, the 5 games Todd played, and the… one… game that Nick played.

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News and Announcement! Combo Smite at CaptainCon

Just a head’s up to our fine friends south of the border (or to those fellow Canucks braving the atrocious Canadian dollar to head to the USA): Many of the Combo Smite crew are attending CaptainCon this weekend!

Nick and myself will be there, as well as Todd, Darrell, and Adam (who is taking a bit of a mental break from WarMachine right now, but he can probably spare a few moments to talk Cryx if you find him!). I’ll be competing in the Friday event, and possibly the Team Tournament (I honestly forget, I think Todd signed us up, but officially, who knows!?).

Sadly, the only swag I will have on hand is a handful of Combo Smite patches, but anyone who wants one will be given one (until I run out)! Look for the confused, slightly terrified looking guys in white or black Combo Smite baseball jerseys! Come say hello! Watch us get crushed utterly by a vastly superior American meta!

It’ll be AWESOME!

Also, as mentioned before, this will probably delay next week’s podcast until I can get a bunch of us around a mic to talk about the convention, so apologies in advance for that.
Hope to see some of ya there!

Adepticon 2014!

We three hosts of Combo Smite went to Adepticon this past weekend… and we recorded a quick 30 minute podcast after we got back (tired, sore, over-fed and happy!).
(Note the look of extreme concentration on Nick’s face as he extremely concentrates! And the snazzy Combo Smite baseball jerseys we were rockin’!)

You can listen to it here, or on iTunes, as is your leisure…

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