Podcast 128 – Convergence Review!

So, we talked about Convergence for as long as we could… which is about 2 hours.
Not bad, not bad… and hey, Convergence is still a lot of fun as a Faction. Listen to us talk all about it!

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Oh Look! A Penny!

So I got a whole crap ton of Convergence stuff for cheap – some from a guy on Kijiji, some from a store closing and some from a Gypsy who gave it to me for free in exchange for my mortal soul but joke’s on her, I already sold it for a Klondike Bar – and that was the first time I ate a whole large Blizzard from Dairy Queen. Wait… what was I talking about? Shit. Okay. I had this great idea to once again change paint styles thereby differentiating between two factions and a new one… so don’t know how to end that sentence either.

I’m a big fan of the Borderland’s games. For example, when Nick – Nick of this very podcast fame, friends since childhood – introduced it to me, we played it for 10 hours straight. Later we played it for a few hours gay but being so fabulous is exhausting so we switched back. In Borderlands there are several gun manufacturers such as Tediore, Daul, Hyperion and each have there own colour scheme. One of them is called Maliwan (“Get a Maliwan and light some people on fire!” – Marcus) which uses a great scheme of dark blue, dark gray, orange and white which looks amazing. I decided that it would look great on my newly acquired Convergence models.


It didn’t look bad but it also didn’t look great. I wasn’t happy.
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