Podcast 111 – Ontario Team Championships Wrap Up – Arcane Assisted!

It’s that time of year again, folks… the Ontario Team Championships have come and gone. Nick and I managed to rope the two hosts of Arcane Assist into helping out with one of our teams this year, and it was an incredibly fun time!

A big thank you to Matt and Tim for helping out, both with the team and with this week’s podcast!

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Tournament Video – Store Wars 2015 – Phoenix Rising #2

I hope everybody is enjoying our new Video Battle Reports.

However, I still want keep providing as much tournament footage from the local meta as we can get.

I haven’t been able to make to many tournaments lately.  Thankfully Marc was able to make it to the Phoenix Rising in St Catherine’s, Ontario for the latest Store Wars tourney.  Unfortunately, my chances of qualifying are getting pretty slim these days.
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Tournament 015 – Store Wars 5 – Cygnar Versus Everybody Else!

One last tournament battle report from Store Wars… and I’ve finally pulled out Cygnar’s Finest for this one… of course, I didn’t actually *practice* these lists beforehand… but what could possibly go wrong?

IMG_20150314_105800 copy
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Podcast 004 – Cygnar vs Circle, Haley2 vs Grayle

This week Combo Smite decided to invite one of our noble guest hosts, the Circle-playin’ Gaven, to join us on the show. Gaven decided to bring Grayle to tangle with arguably one of the most powerful warcasters in the game, the mighty Epic Haley! Would his stone-knife-wielding maniac be a good counter to the temporal shenanigans of Cygnar‘s first lady?

BR004-31-Game End

We also spend some time discussing the new Circle heavy warjack kit, the realities of playing against Cryx, and revisit what we’ve got on our painting tables these days.

As always, you can listen to us on iTunes (Link-Link-Link) or right here on Combo Smite!

Since Gaven has, over the last several months, only brought eKruegar and eMorvahna against my Cyngar forces, I figured it was high time to take off the kid gloves: I crafted an eCaine list and an eHaley list, figuring that opportunities to field my most powerful warcasters without feeling guilty or that I’m clubbing baby seals are rare, and should be embraced.

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