(Half of) Podcast 096 – Cygnar (Haley3) vs Mercs (Cyphon) – MAT11 Seems Pretty Okay!

I am still loving the hell out of Haley3… she’s just so much fun to put on the table! Meanwhile, Nick has decided to dip his toes into the Mercenary pool again…

2015-10-14 20.04.35

So, it turns out that the audio for this week’s podcast is exactly 50% of what it should be… for whatever reason, my recording software decided it didn’t want to record Nick or Darrell at all. Thankfully, Darrell had an extra 30 minutes to re-record the turns, but as a result I’ve had to cut vast swathes of our banter (which simply didn’t record!).

My apologies to our listeners… technology is a fickle mistress!

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