Podcast 179 – Lael Resists!

Hey folks! This week, Jeremy, Nick, and I sit down to discuss the Laelese theme force for Mercenaries. The guys bring a couple lists to the party, and before that we discuss casters, and potential synergies with various Cygnar and Menoth units!


Give it a listen, let us know what you think!

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Battle 015 – Menoth vs Mercenaries, pFeora vs Ashlynn on VASSAL

One of the best things about writing battle reports, both here and on the Privateer Press Forums, has been that it draws people to inviting me to play them. I’ve met several great people this way, and last week a gentleman by the name of Tom (“motyak” on the forums) asked if I wouldn’t mind having a quick VASSAL game. Since Tom lives in the land Down Under (where women roar and men thunder, I’m told), I was totally down for a game over the interwebs, since the odds of us every playing in person was remarkably low! We set up the game on Friday, and I’m writing it up now!

Tom wanted to get some experience/practice in with Ashlynn, and I can see why. She’s an absolutely first-rate warcaster… great spell list, great Feat, really hard to kill and some awesome defensive tech. Since this was his first game on VASSAL, I suggested a lower point game, and so we were both rockin’ 25 point lists.
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