Podcast 100 – Combo Smite Ask Us Anything!

Alrighty folks, you’ve been mighty patient and helpful… we sent out requests for questions, and we got over 50 questions in return! Only had the chance to get through a dozen or so of them on the podcast, but still… we appreciate!

Just a warning, though… Adam and Aaron are completely incapable of speaking INTO the microphone for some reason, and Todd and Nick both struggle with it (Darrell and Kassem seem to grasp the concept). As a result I’ve spent the last 5 hours trying to crank up the audio on half the ‘cast without it impacting the rest of it… to mixed results.

TL;DR version: the audio is rough, and I’m sorry about that. We’ll be back to at least our standard level of poor audio quality next week! Until then, here ya go, with my gratitude to all our cohosts and all our listeners!

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