Podcast 174 – Tournament Battle Report with Marc (Menoth)

Ah, our last battle report harvested from the tournament I ran a month ago! And probably the last time I will play Menoth for awhile… especially with the new shinies coming out for Cygnar!

But who knows! Anyway, give it a listen, see if you can learn something from my mistakes!

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Podcast 171 – Tournament Battle Reports with Darrell (Menoth)

Sorry for the delay this week, folks! Getting all the ducks in a row took slightly longer than expected… but in a row they are now! Especially for Darrell, who we randomly chose to do the first episode with!

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Battle Report – Sevy2 vs Thryon, Ridiculous List Ho!

Hello! My, it’s been awhile since we’ve done a battle report (episode 153, for those of you keeping count), and it’s been far, far longer since I’ve actually WRITTEN a battle report, rather than just talked about it.

But, at some gentle torture from Nick, I decided to give it a whirl. Because, really, I do love writing up batreps, and it’s been a long time… so without further ado…

Actually, one more thing: I miss Aaron. That guy took the absolute best pictures, and it made doing the write-ups an absolute joy. Sure, I miss Aaron for other reasons (I don’t get to see him much, since I’m only ever in London for WarMachine and he doesn’t play much any more), but his pictures were top notch.

Okay, on with the batrep!

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Paintectorate of Menoth – The Day of the Errants…

So I have a day off today (WOO!), so I’m going to spend the entire freakin’ day painting my Errants from the level they are now (about 60% done) to completed.

I’m just finishing off the whites now, which is to be followed by the maroons (shading, then highlights), and then the metals (again, shading and highlights) and lastly the browns (scabbards, mostly).

I’m thinking I can get them probably done today. Probably. Anyway, pictures from the course of the day will be posted here between coats!

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Paintectorate of Menoth – Further Work on the Errants

I’ve continued to plug away at both my warjacks and Errants… hoping to get everything finished (or at least MOSTLY finished) in time for the tournament next weekend, and DEFINITELY finished in time for Adepticon in a few weeks.

Here’s my progress so far today:
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Paintectorate of Menoth – I'm a Dirty, Rotten Liar

Okay, so you may all remember how just last week I claimed I was going to finish the stuff I had before I got more stuff on my painting table?

Yeah, I’m a liar. A dirty, rotten liar.

Today I assembled, primed, and started to paint my first official unit of military troops for Menoth… my Exemplar Errants!


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Painting A.D.D. for You and Me!

So Nick has mentioned in the past that he has a severe case of Painting A.D.D.

I want to set the record straight. Here is a picture of all the models I have between 55-95% done. Many of them just need to be based… basically what I did tonight is mix up a big pot of glue and put sand on all these bases…

I must warn you… the following images may be disturbing to some viewers…

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Paintectorate Of Menoth – Vassals of Menoth

Well, I’ve almost finished my most recent additions to my growing Menite army… 2 Vassals of Menoth! I hope to finish them completely tonight, but for now, enjoy the 85% doneness that they are currently…


The attentive amoung you might notice that I’ve also almost finished my Lightning Pods… a few highlights, and those bad-boys are ready to rock and roll! I’m very tempted to write “To Khador With Love” on one, “To Ios With Love” on the 2nd, and “To Cryx With Love” on the third. I may yet do that… it’s rare that more than 1 survives a turn anyway.
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Podcast 010 – Legion vs Retribution, Cygnar vs Protectorate, Listen to 1 Get 1 Free!

This week on the podcast we’re doing something different. Instead of facing off against each other Marc and I went down to the local game store in London Ontario, Game Chamber, and decided we would play some randoms. We are each going to give an abbreviated battle report and then rate our performances.

As always, you can listen to the podcast right here or on iTunes! If you’re listening on iTunes and have a minute to toss a quick review on there for us, we’d all be very grateful… we need a certain minimum number of reviews before they’ll show a score for us, and I’ve already asked my entire extended family to review us, so now it’s down to our actual listener(s)!

First Battle – Retribution Vs. Legion – Ossyan V.s Rhyas.

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Marc's Painting Table: Models I've Finished in January

While normally I would title this thread under whichever Faction I had done most of the painting for, this month saw me switching back and forth between both Menoth and Cygnar. So rather than confuse people, I figured I’d just do a “Finished This Month” thread and throw everything in here!

First, I finally (FINALLY) finished my unit of Rangers!

This unit of noble Cygnarians has been sitting at 95% for far, far too long. So now they’re based, arc’d, and sealed.

Next, I finished and sealed my Harbinger of Menoth:
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