Podcast 014 – 2 Vs. 2 Team Game – Davids Vs. The Goliaths

Two heads are better than one!

This week we decided to run a team game for something different.  Aaron, Adam, Kassem and Myself participated in the battle. Everyone brought a 25 point list and then we rolled randomly to see who would be paired up.


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Steelheads Prevail

I drank a bunch of Coke really late tonight. I don’t usually drink Coke period because my stomach hates it but drinking it late at night is even worse because I start feeling like my chest is trying to leave my body. “You can’t leave,” I say, “Everything is attached to you!” Begrudgingly my chest storms into its bedroom, slamming the door behind it and then blares Skrillex with the bass turned way up. Not literally, of course; it just feels that way. As such I couldn’t sleep so I ended up painting the rest of my Steelhead Riflemen and doing a little photo shoot with the entirety of my 35 pt merc list.

To date I’ve only played the list once and discovered that it’s not great for some scenarios or nearly as effective in general as I’d hoped it would be. Plus that one game was against Cryx so maybe I should take the loss with a grain of salt. I’ve since used the Halberdiers with Heavy Cavalry twice against Circle and they were effective so, if anything, it’s an indication that buying units simply because they had ‘Steelhead’ in their name wasn’t a complete waste of money.


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Paintectorate of Menoth – Harbinger Part 2

So my efforts to finish the Harbinger with her slightly modified attendants continues!

It’s getting a little hard to see the differences at this point… basically I finished painting the Habinger aside from a few gems in her armour and weapon, and if I decide to do a really funky colour for her hair. Otherwise… she may be done! Maybe.


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Painting ADD – Round 1

I’ve mention before my tendency toward crippling painting ADD Where I will have multiple units and solos and jacks and Casters in a semi-finished state for long periods of time.

I hate doing it.  I’ve been really good lately.  Finishing my Mage Hunter Strike Force and Destor Thane.  Then Completing my Earthbreaker in a little over a week.

Unfortunately its back.

There I was minding my own business when I look down at my desk and realize I’m not painting my 80% complete Vyros2 like I said I was going to do. Instead I see this:

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Kingdom of Paintnar – Boomhowler & Co

It occurs to me that Nick and I post enough painting stuff that we should probably change the name of the website to “Combo Smite Painting Stuff… and Very Occasionally Battle Reports”! Oh well.

As I mentioned before, my Stormwall is rapidly approaching completion (I still need to finish the Lightning Pods, but other than that, it’s done). My plan was that after I finish that particular monstrosity, I would take the time to finish all 20-30 models I have that aren’t QUITE done yet (85-95% done), including their bases and front arcs, and then seal everything I have once and for all.

That was the PLAN… then Nick mentioned that he wanted his purple paint back, and suddenly I had to finish painting my Boomhowlers (who I wanted to have bright-ish purple skin to contrast with all the blue I’ve already got in my army)… and since I was priming THOSE guys, well, I had probably better assemble a few others so I’m not wasting space and primer… and suddenly… well…

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Painting Short – Earthbreaker Repose

I know I said last week that I was working on painting eVyros but that was before Marc surprised me with a month-late birthday present of an Earthbreaker that fell off the back of a truck or some such thing.


I love everything about the Earthbreaker except for his monstrously long forearms so I set about searching the forums to see what other people had done about them.  Some have gone more overboard modding the poor guy than others but I wanted something simple just to make him look a little less front heavy.

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