Tournament 004 – Nick and Aaron’s Experiences

Last weekend I ran a 50 point Steamroller event that Nick and Aaron attended. It was a tonne of fun, and Nick’s already posted his written batreps, but here’s the podcast we recorded shortly afterwards and I FINALLY managed to finish editing!

The regular weekly podcast will drop in a couple hours (9am EST), so check back for that too! Lots of content these days!

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Video 002 – Game Chamber Tournament

Footage of the games from Marc’s tournament at the Game Chamber have been edited and are now available on YouTube.

We only got footage of Rounds 1 to 3 due to finite capacity memory cards.  So no finals table.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the games and remember to Subscribe to our YouTube channel for our upcoming Video Battle Reports and more Tournament Coverage.

Round 1 – Convergence Vs. Menoth

Round 2 – Mercenaries Vs. Trollbloods

Round 3 – Cryx Vs. Skorne

Check them out and gives us some feedback on what you’d like to see in our Video Battle Reports.


Battle 034 – Tournament Battle Report – Game Chamber – Nick’s Mercs Run Rampant

We had a tournament at out local gaming store The Game Chamber.  I brought my Mercs out in full force and had a great day of gaming.IMG_4257

It was a great day of gaming and I’m writing up full battle reports of all four of the games I played.  Enjoy!

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Podcast 038 – Menoth Vs. Mercs – Harby Vs. Gorten – Hardcore is like Camping

In a few weeks, a couple of the Combo Smite hosts (myself included) are heading down to Burlington, Ontario for a 50pt Hardcore tournament. As a result, I was happy to get some practice in with Nick for this unique (and fascinating!) format!title

This is Nick’s first time playing a Hardcore game, *and* his first time trying out this particular list… this is my 2nd attempt at Hardcore, but the 3rd time I’ve used this list (or one similar to it, at least!)… sad that numbers like those make me the most experienced out of our group! The game was a little bit gong-showy, but as a practice game it was pretty solid, and I think there’s unquestionably a lot to learn from our attempts!

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Podcast 036 – Mercs Vs. Circle – Bartolo Vs. pKrueger

This week on the podcast we present a game between my forces of Mercenaries and Todd’s Circle.

Marc: Aaron’s connection gets dropped pretty early into the podcast, but through the magic of editing, I doubt you guys will even notice! This is a super-fun episode, and a huge thank you to Todd for being our guest host this week!

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Now, back to Nick’s commentary:
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Painting for Hire – Ashlynn D’Elyse

Ashlynn was actually the first human Merc caster I bought.  Last year I posted pics of the kit bash I did with her original and alternate sculpts because I hated the original sculpt but also hated the massive flag she was carrying around.


Finally justice to Llael!! I have finally finished her off.

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