Battle Report 117 – Protectorate (Durst) vs Protectorate (Ad-Raza): Mk2.5 Testing FTW

Let it not be said that we Combo Smite hosts are not here for you, the people! We suffer… we labour… we endure because you, our loyal and awesome listeners, demand it!

No podcast this morning (although we’re planning on recording one later tonight for release this week), but you can at least give our battle report a read, if you’d like!

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Podcast 116 – MK2.5 Batrep! pReznik Vs. Cyphon

Not-Todd Vs. Not-Darrell

So this week Darrell and I had the envious task of trying out the spoiled rules up to this point.  Those being:  Free focus for ‘Jacks during the control phase, focus when Monstrosities are damaged and not loosing it, multiple reach ranges (Nick’s favourite), and last but not least the dreaded pre-measuring. (Spoiler alert; the sky isn’t falling.)

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