Tournament Video – Store Wars 2015 – Hobby Kingdom #2

Store-Wars-Season-2-v2Marc and I were present for the Second tournament in the Store Wars circuit at Hobby Kingdom which also happened to be the last tournament in the Store Wars circuit for 2015.

I set a goal for myself to qualify for the 16 man invitational this year that I have failed to meet.  Unfortunately, life happens and I didn’t make it out for as many events as I’d hoped I would. Marc still has a good chance to make it though. Especially with his impressive 3-1 finish at his event. Continue reading

Podcast 034 – Khador vs Circle, Butcher3 vs pKrueger: Sit, Argus, Sit! Good boy!

This week Aaron went axe-to-claw with Todd’s Circle Orboros army… and the results were… dare I say it… shocking
Butch3r vs pKrueger glamour shot

See… ’cause Todd was playing Krueger… who’s all about lightning… and… look, it’s very funny! Shut up.
Also this week, Todd is under the mistaken impression that we’re a family-friendly podcast (spoiler: no), Aaron falls in love with the new Butcher, and I question if Krueger is having problems getting the “spark” back in his love life.

Come on people… comedy gold here! Everyone’s a critic.

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Southern Ontario Open Youngbloods Tournament Podcast: Menoth Represent!

Nick, Adam, Kassem, and I went to the Southern Ontario Open tournament on Saturday, May 24th… great times had by all, and a solid podcast resulting from it!

Nick will be posting his results in his own thread, but the podcast is being attached to mine because… well, no good reason, so just because! Also, I’m going to apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures… we were on the clock, so I only had enough time to snap a single shot of each turn (and sometimes not even that!), and only using my crappy little camera phone. Thankfully, Nick took much better pictures for his report, so check those out for your pretty-picture fix!

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Background and Preamble

If you’ve been following Combo Smite for the last few weeks, you’ll have heard us all talking about the 35 point 2-list tournament coming up… that was this one, the “Youngbloods” portion of the Southern Ontario Open tournament. The ‘main’ event of the tournament was a massive (EIGHTY-EIGHT MAN!) qualifier for the WarMachne Weekend Invitational… but I didn’t feel mentally prepared for such an event. And after seeing the field… I think I made the right decision. They had plenty of space, but I gotta tell ya, 90 tournament players all trying to talk over each other in a relatively small room? Yeah, I was much happier on my side of the tournament.

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Battle 018 – 35pt Menoth vs Circle, eFeora vs eMorvahna: Burn ’em Twice!

While Aaron and Adam were busy playing this week’s podcast battle report (an awesome Cryx vs Khador grudge match! Came out on Monday!), Gaven and I were having our own game… his insidious Circle against my pious Protectorate forces!

The last time we played, Gaven had attempted to foil The Harbinger with the awesome might of eKrueger, but was very effectively shut down… basically, I curb-stomped the poor guy. With the Youngbloods tournament coming up on Saturday, and this being my last chance to practice any of my lists before it, I really wanted to try out eFeora… but against Krueger (and, more importantly, that Storm Wall spell of his!) she’s a very bad matchup… thankfully, Gaven’s two lists were a Grayle and a eMorvahna! I settled on the Feora list on the spot, and Gaven decided that the goat-lady would be a safer gamble than risking Grayle.

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Podcast 004 – Cygnar vs Circle, Haley2 vs Grayle

This week Combo Smite decided to invite one of our noble guest hosts, the Circle-playin’ Gaven, to join us on the show. Gaven decided to bring Grayle to tangle with arguably one of the most powerful warcasters in the game, the mighty Epic Haley! Would his stone-knife-wielding maniac be a good counter to the temporal shenanigans of Cygnar‘s first lady?

BR004-31-Game End

We also spend some time discussing the new Circle heavy warjack kit, the realities of playing against Cryx, and revisit what we’ve got on our painting tables these days.

As always, you can listen to us on iTunes (Link-Link-Link) or right here on Combo Smite!

Since Gaven has, over the last several months, only brought eKruegar and eMorvahna against my Cyngar forces, I figured it was high time to take off the kid gloves: I crafted an eCaine list and an eHaley list, figuring that opportunities to field my most powerful warcasters without feeling guilty or that I’m clubbing baby seals are rare, and should be embraced.

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