Podcast 216 – Avast! Privateer CID!

I mean, I don’t think I made a single pirate-related joke during the recording, so one here seems thematically appropriate at least!

This week Nick and I talk all things Privateer CID! In summation: love Fiona, not impressed with Rehera, cautiously optimistic about the Colossals.

For more elaborate discussion… give it a listen!

Podcast 043 – Mercs Vs. Menoth – Fiona Vs. Kreoss3: The Truncated Charge of the Exemplar Brigade

You guys are probably getting sick of hearing about my games all the time but once again this week I am matched up against Darrell and his Menoth.
(Marc: This is partially my fault, and partially Gaven’s fault… I had to stay home and take care of a sick girlfriend, and Gaven’s wife just autogenerated his first child, a daughter… so we had to go with our fall-back game, Nick and Darrell. Sorry!
Also, turns out Nick can’t spell “Kreoss”. I apologize for all the typos in the report… I corrected it in the Title, but the rest of it is Nick’s responsibility!)
IMG_4401 copy

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Battle 016 – Retribution V.s Cryx – Kaelyssa Vs. eSkarre

This week I was matched up against Adam and his Cryx army.  We both brought 2 lists we are testing for an upcoming tournament.  We ended up chosing Kaelyssa and Epic Skarre.


Can I find a way to overcome the shambling hordes of Cryx. Will Kaelyssa die by the thousand papercuts of backlashing Satyxis.  Will Skarre get knocked down and drug out by a momentum cannon shot. Stay tuned to find out! Continue reading