Podcast 071 – Cygnar (Siege) vs Retribution (Ravyn Tier1): Our Arrows Will Blot Out the Sun

Ah, Ravyn Tier 1. Basically an excuse to run 2 full units of MHSF with their incredible UA. But will it be enough against the 2nd tankiest warcaster in Cygnar?
IMG_20150408_201820 copy
I mean, Nick has a chart of how many MHSF are needed to kill warcasters as a function of their DEF/ARM… can Siege stand up to 22 boosted attack roll POW10s? Only one way to find out, folks… listen to the ‘cast!

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Battle 001 – Cygnar vs Retribution, pCaine vs Ossyan: Don't Blink!

So, in the spirit of continuing to bring you, our loyal listeners and fans (all 10 of you!) content that you hopefully will find amusing and awesome and educational, occasionally we’re going to post Non-Podcast Battle Reports (NPR). These will be text-only reports, posted both here and on the Privateer Press Forums, that will give you a chance to read some battles that may not have been as cool as to make it into the podcast itself, but should still entertain and amuse.

SR001-05-Ret Turn 1

For example, this week, I played Kassem and his Retribution forces. I’ve been looking for an excuse to field pCaine, and I had a suspicion that Kassem would *not* be bringing a heavy-Stealth list, but *would* be bringing a metric crap-tonne of infantry, which is just about perfect for Caine and his infantry-mulching Feat.
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