Paintribution of Scyrah – My Little Destors

So I have been hinting for a little bit on the podcast about a super secret project I was working on. It is finally time for the official unveiling!

Dawnguard Destors riding My Little Ponies!!

IMG_2483 copyAs fate would have it there was one thing that could actually make me excited to play Destors.

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Paintribution of Scyrah – Dawnguard Invictors

At last! The ordeal of painting the white armour plates of my Dawnguard Invictors has come to a close.They were the first unit I bought when I first started playing Warmachine almost 2 years ago.  They were long neglected as my collection grew to eventually include every model in Retribution’s arsenal. (except Nayl and Destors.  Come on, I’m not delusional!) Now they join the ranks of the fully painted units in my collection.IMG_2308 More photos inside. Continue reading

Paintribution of Scyrah – Sylys Nailer of Wishes

I recently gave away my fully painted Sylys model.

I know what you’re thinking. “Nick with your already glacial painting speed how can you afford to be giving away painted models.  I’m gonna slap you!”

There were some extenuating circumstances here because I wanted to do an epic mod which I spotted somewhere online. I’d give credit if I had any idea where I’d seen it.

Marc had an unpainted Sylys so I swapped my painted one for his because mine had been glued and painted and sealed in such a way that modding it would be nearly impossible.

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Painting ADD – Round 1

I’ve mention before my tendency toward crippling painting ADD Where I will have multiple units and solos and jacks and Casters in a semi-finished state for long periods of time.

I hate doing it.  I’ve been really good lately.  Finishing my Mage Hunter Strike Force and Destor Thane.  Then Completing my Earthbreaker in a little over a week.

Unfortunately its back.

There I was minding my own business when I look down at my desk and realize I’m not painting my 80% complete Vyros2 like I said I was going to do. Instead I see this:

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Paintribution of Scyrah – MHSF and Dawnguard Destor Thane

This week on the Podcast I declared that if I didn’t finish my Mage Hunter Strike Force by next week then I would not use them again until they were fully painted.

Good News Everyone!  I manged to plow through them this weekend so you need not worry about my poor elves needing line of sight to end the human mage menace.

IMG_1775 copy

The Leader model for the strike force is one of my favourite sculpts.
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