The Big Move! AKA: My Work In Progress Box…

So everything has been packed up, but I wanted to take a quick moment to show you all a moment of pride and shame… my packed box of models I own but have not yet even unboxed:


That is a “Frogbox”, for those of you curious, and it measures a mere 24x20x12″ (about 70L, or 2.4 cubic feet)… and it’s packed exclusively with WarMachine models (oh, and 2 MERCs models and 2 Malifaux models for mods I’m going to make for the B13). Two Stormwalls, a Vessel of Judgement, a Stormstrider, Stryker3, blister after blister of troops, warjacks, and bits from Khador, Cygnar, and Menoth (I haven’t collected any Khador since 2012, but I haven’t painted almost any of the stuff I have either!).

I’m going to do my damnedest to get more of this stuff painted before I buy NEW stuff… but we’ll see how that goes!

Podcast 011 – Combo Battle Report 2

2 more Battle Reports this week.

The plan initially was to just report on Marc’s game, but it ended up being two things:

1. Full of particularly stupid mistakes, and
2. Very, very brief.

And so we decided to report on both! Full write ups will follow, but for now at least you can listen!

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Kingdom of Paintnar – Stormwall Base Part 2

So work continues on my Stormwall base! It’s almost finished… here we can see the river after I have peeled away the restraining wall that was keeping the water effects from flowing out all over my table (although I admit it did NOT do a great job at that… the wall sprung 3 leaks over the course of me trying to make this base!)

IMAG1016 (1)

The white you see is the clear stuff I used to make a seal between the wall and the river which couldn’t dry too hard due to the wall. Hopefully it will now dry clear (the rivers I made had the same problem, and they eventually DID dry hard and clear).

Kingdom of Paintnar – Stormwall Base

So, now that I’ve finished the paint job for the Stormwall, time to base that badboy. I’ve drybrushed the base, placed rocks, and placed a small magnet in the middle…


And why did I place a small magnet in the middle of that base? Why, so I can place a Trencher model on the base when I’m not using the Trencher units on the table, of course!
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Podcast 004 – Cygnar vs Circle, Haley2 vs Grayle

This week Combo Smite decided to invite one of our noble guest hosts, the Circle-playin’ Gaven, to join us on the show. Gaven decided to bring Grayle to tangle with arguably one of the most powerful warcasters in the game, the mighty Epic Haley! Would his stone-knife-wielding maniac be a good counter to the temporal shenanigans of Cygnar‘s first lady?

BR004-31-Game End

We also spend some time discussing the new Circle heavy warjack kit, the realities of playing against Cryx, and revisit what we’ve got on our painting tables these days.

As always, you can listen to us on iTunes (Link-Link-Link) or right here on Combo Smite!

Since Gaven has, over the last several months, only brought eKruegar and eMorvahna against my Cyngar forces, I figured it was high time to take off the kid gloves: I crafted an eCaine list and an eHaley list, figuring that opportunities to field my most powerful warcasters without feeling guilty or that I’m clubbing baby seals are rare, and should be embraced.

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Kingdom of Paintnar

Since Nick heroically posted a few of his Works in Progress, I thought I would do the same. Here we can see my final two Storm Lances and my noble Stormwall as they currently exist.


I feel obliged to point out that immediately after putting the little bit of blue you see on the Stormwall… I ran out of Cygnar Blue Base paint. Which, you know… is kinda important when you’re painting Cygnar. Just sayin’.

Update: Put some tan on one of the horses and took a picture in slightly better light so you can see the colours of the horses themselves: